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FBI investigating ‘Trump Train’ swarming Biden bus on Texas interstate

FBI investigating ‘Trump Train’ swarming Biden bus on Texas interstate

state and city officials across america are implementing plans to tamp down on any violence or voter intimidation stores and businesses are boarded up the washington post reports the national guard bureau has established a new unit made up of mostly military policemen to help curb any unrest in coming days meanwhile the fbi is looking into an incident that happened on friday when a group of trump supporters driving trucks and waving trump flags reportedly surrounded and followed the biden campaign bus as it drove through texas texas gop chair alan west the former congressman tweeted this response to the uproar three trump supporters have been executed one in portland one in denver and one in milwaukee a leftist mob attempted to storm the house of the mccloskeys threatened to burn their house down raped mrs mccloskey

and killed them both where is the liberal corporate media’s concern about that real violence end quote well it’s a tweet power panel david abella chairman of gopac johns hopkins university professor wendy osefo wendy i’ll start with you with just the reaction uh to what was tweeted by the former congressman you know i think that you know again here we have like this inflammatory language of leftists versus people on the right side of the aisle at the end of the day those are americans right like we are all americans and it does not matter what side of the owl you sit on there should not be

violence directed at you simply because of your political affiliation and we should all be able to agree on that we should not gaslight the situation even more by trying to make it partisan the truth of the matter is with this election for some reason tempers have been extremely high and it’s up to the individuals in power to quail those tempers not to gaslight them and whether that’s the congress person who who who put this out or whether that’s the president of the united states and that even starts by saying no matter what happens on november 3rd he will accept the results of this election

we do not need violence to come when it comes to an election this is not a third world country here this is the america and when i say that i say it as a foreigner that’s how we refer to united states the america and so to hear this language to hear this verbiage is just really upsetting because at the end of the day we are all americans and we should conduct ourselves as such a recent poll shows nearly 75 percent of people are concerned about violence on election day and after compared with more than 22 percent who are not concerned david what do you say about this is this a problem for people going to vote violence has no place in our electoral process harris and fortunately you have the department of homeland

security coordinating at a level unseen in the past with secretary of state and local law enforcement to make sure that not only are voters not intimidated by casting their vote but also that cyber security is at at its highest to make sure that every vote that counts is counted correctly add to it that historically voter intimidation on election day would impact republicans more because more republicans cast their ballots on election day than do democratic voters now anecdotally this year that could be different you think about north carolina where in the last nine days republicans have outcasted

democrats and independents which has never happened in the history of elections in north carolina never have republicans in early voting outvoted democrats in eight of the last nine days that has happened so certainly we can expect a big turnout from republicans on election day but there is very much an indication that republicans are also turning out in early voting wendy osefo david avella thank you

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