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Fashion show draws big crowds to historic Wildey Theater

Fashion show draws big crowds to historic Wildey Theater

The Wildey Theater hosted a fashion show with enormous success. The event was attended by thousands, and had an incredible turnout of young people who cheered on models as they showcased the latest trends in clothing for fans to purchase at retail locations around town after the show ended. It is evident that this historic theater can host many wonderful events given its energy-packed atmosphere and large crowd capacity!

The Historic Wildey Theatre successfully put on their first ever Fashion Show last week which drew hundreds out into downtown Branson where it’s been said “there are more shows than days”. Thousands came from all over our area to see some new fashions while others were just there supporting friends or family members participating in what has become one of America’s favorite pastimes

In a fashion show that drew thousands, the historic Wildey Theater hosted local designers and clothing brands for an unforgettable event.

In a fashion show that attracted more than 3,000 people—a record number of attendees in the theater’s history—the historic landmark building on Main Street played host to both emerging and established local designers as well as various types of apparel companies from across Southern California at its September “Fashion Night Out” gala.

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