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Explore the many layers of Elena with Matilda De Angelis

Explore the many layers of Elena with Matilda De Angelis

Elena is many, many things. She’s eccentric, she’s provocative and shameless. She’s also a mother. We have a new mom. -Oh. -A scholarship. MATILDA DE ANGELIS: And in this environment, she’s obviously out of place. There’s so much sizing up that’s happening. And having that energy of this new person coming in, it just– it’s like a little earthquake. These upper-class women, they are being polite, but they’re not being kind or friendly. -Here she is. -She must be feeling so awkward. MATILDA: Elena is struggling to be accepted, to be a part of that world. But she needs to be the center of attention. WOMAN: Look at the men. Grace, I think she might be looking at you. Really? She needs to be desired, to be looked at. Elena is a haunted soul. She’s sad, and she’s somewhat desperate, and she’s behaving in an odd way because she’s out of her depth. MATILDA: When Grace follows Elena into the elevator, at that moment, she knows that she has won Grace over, and she feels like kissing her, and she does it. Working with Susanne, she was my light in the dark. We wanted to push Elena to the extreme. Sometimes I just feel… overwhelmed. SUSANNE BIER: She’s gotten herself into a life where she doesn’t know what is up and down. Do you ever feel that?

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