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Ex-boxer jailed on drug charges granted clemency by Trump after Obama denial

Ex-boxer jailed on drug charges granted clemency by Trump after Obama denial

the media wants you to believe that Joe Biden is the candidate of empathy and compassion joe cares but my next guest is living proof that that is false former boxer professional boxer Charles duke tanner was sentenced to 30 years in prison on federal drug charges but upon entering prison tanner says he immediately began working to improve himself and atone of course for his crimes and president trump took notice granting Mr tanner clemency just last week something president Obama had declined to do president trump I just want to thank you for giving me a second chance first I didn’t know it was real until I was able to bring touch this little guy right here I left him when he was two years old president trump you

reunited me back to my family i lost my mother and my father but I got him and this is what i live for thank you president trump most of us who watch that for the first time were in tears, uh second chances duke tanner joins me now duke how did you find out it was great to see you tonight and how did you find out the president was the impetus behind your release um I really didn’t know what was going on because my unit team came and got me after four o’clock p.m count and was like they needed to talk to me and you know he said um i got to get you out of here i said where I’m going he said well the president granted you clemency i just started sweating and praying and praising god next thing you know i was in a hotel waiting to um go to Philly to the airport and your son just your moment with your son in that video

uh it just hit hit me in the heart as a mom what was that like seeing him when you could really spend time with him without other people watching you know that situation with my faith and my belief in my lord and savior jesus christ on how i got my the free gift from him from what he did on the cross the second best gift in life was given to me by president donald president donald trump that day when i was able to be in my cell in life and reunited with him something that i was given a life sentence a double life sentence at first that was reduced to 30 years so that day right there is the second best thing besides getting my salvation being free and being in my son’s life i want to play something for you um duke that joe biden said about president trump during that last debate watch abraham lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents we’ve had in modern history he pours fuel on every single racist fire every single one he has moved around and made everything worse across the board this guy is a dog whistle about as big as a foghorn duke uh it’s not just biden claiming the president’s racist but athletes celebrities lobbed this charge routinely do you think president trump is a

racist um for one I never met president trump a day in my life but what I can say is I know miss Alex Marie johnson Hershey walker was one of my favorite football players and i think they got too high of integrity and dignity to hang out with the races and what president trump did for me a black man i can’t say that he’s a racist on my belief now what other people say this world they got their own opinion but what he did for me like i said the second best thing to get in your salvation by Jesus christ and if you’re a believer in god you’ll understand what that means and how important that means that’s the second-best gift he gave me so i can never say that he’s a racist and that’s where i stand in my humble opinion duke I’ve got to say second chances and who among us hasn’t needed a second chance and i think your witness and

just your personal story is really moving beyond politics and everything else and uh we just really appreciate your coming on and we wish you the best of luck with your family and thanks for joining us tonight thank you so much and thank everybody in the Trump administration and who have something to do with um my freedom for sending me back to my boy to show true redemption and that’s what I would do I’m gonna make you all proud president trump i’m gonna make you proud of me i promise thanks for reading my petition God bless you

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