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Erdogan-Macron spat over Nagorno-Karabakh role

Erdogan-Macron spat over Nagorno-Karabakh role

erdogan’s growing influence in the region the weeks-long standoff between azerbaijan and armenia has come to an end azerbaijan is all set to take over the armenian territory according to the deal russian and turkish forces will be deployed in the region as peacekeepers macro government in paris is now pushing for international supervision to allow the refugees and their return now or they also want to organize the

withdrawal of foreign fighters from the region and to start talks on the status of nagorno-karabakh french president manuel macron’s office said and i’m quoting here we want the minx group to play its role in defending this defining the surveillance the end of the fighting should now allow the resumption of good faith negotiations in order to protect the population of nagorno-karabakh and ensure the return of tens of

thousands of people who have fled their homes in recent weeks in good security conditions russia had talks with turkey a key ally of azerbaijan and a harsh critic of the minsk group there are concerns that russia and turkey could now strike a deal to cut out western powers from future peace talks now relations between france and turkey have deteriorated in the past few months french population includes four

hundred thousand to six hundred thousand people of armenian origin macron has been careful not to back one particular side in the conflict moscow co-chairs the men’s group that is overseeing the nagorno-karabakh dispute with washington and paris however they were not involved in the deal signed by russia armenia and azerbaijan to end six weeks of fighting now in ethnic armenian museum workers at the

castle are frantically packing ancient stones to be transported to the other side this is indicative of a shared fear that their monuments may not be preserved by azerbaijan many stones and artifacts are linked to the armenian king and locals are concerned as the historical

monuments in the region have at times been either neglected or defaced by those attempting to reshape historical narratives a 19th century mosque in the town of agram was left neglected while the territory was under the control of nagorno-karabakh authorities armenian are predominantly christians and azerbaijanis are predominantly muslims the handling of the monument and our gum indicated armenians

disinterest in preserving azerbaijani heritage the agar mosque is expected to be included in the territory of azerbaijan now some fear that the state of the mosque will lead to a backlash against armenian historical sites as well as

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