Economic benefits of planting and growing Saffron

Economic benefits of planting and growing Saffron

Economic benefits of planting and growing Saffron

the local agriculture department has been promoting saffron in afghanistan’s coast province and now experts are sharing the best practices to cultivate one of the world’s most expensive spices voice of america reports on afghanistan’s efforts to cultivate the pricey red spice take a look this area is called kaziabad a small area of tani district in eastern afghanistan’s host province local agricultural experts are here to educate

farmers about the economic benefits of planting and growing saffron in tani as well as in other districts we have been practically educating them and will also work with them in the future to raise awareness about the importance of saffron and transfer them the best practices to plant and cultivate this lucrative product local farmer kazi mohammadi has set aside half an acre of his land for saffron cultivation he’s

willing to try saffron because the wheat maize and other crops he’s been growing for 20 years aren’t making him enough money maybe we will be better off with saffron because other crops didn’t give us much all i can say is that if this thing succeeds here the whole area will start

cultivating it and the economy will boost in the area by weight saffron is often considered one of the most expensive spices in the world while consumption of saffron has long been a central asia tradition it is working its way into the western world farmers here and local officials say they hope saffron could take the place of two of the region’s other cash crops poppy and marijuana the good thing about this area is that no

one here cultivates poppy if saffron gives a better yield than poppy and cannabis then i’m sure people in other areas will also stop haram crops cross province traditionally sees heat waves and lacks enough rain for farming luckily for muhammadi and local farmers here saffron

cultivation doesn’t require a lot of water local agriculture department have been promoting saffron in host province for the past seven years providing saffron seeds and training for ibrahim rahimi and host afghanistan beijing voa news co-presented by skoda simply clever

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