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DJ Shiti opens up on tough past before stardom

DJ Shiti opens up on tough past before stardom

DJ Shiti opens up on tough past before stardom. He went through being homeless in London for two years, living off of the money he made from DJing during this time.

DJ Shiti opened up about his difficult experience transitioning into life as a successful artist and staying true to who he is rather than what society expects him to be like at an event hosted by More Than Me Foundation last week Tuesday night (Dec 12). As part of their initiative #BeingBlackAndBritish which seeks to celebrate black British culture and people across Britain’s rising stars were invited along with many other prominent figures including Dua Lipa, Stormzy & Adwoa Aboah amongst others .

In a candid interview with Fairfax, DJ Shiti opened up on his troubled past. The talented producer who has been creating music for the dance scene since he was 17 years old started off as an underground artist before breaking into mainstream success through collaborations and remixes of popular songs by international artists such as Selena Gomez and Beyonce. Despite making millions from sales that have earned him over $1 million in royalties to date, Shiti revealed that it wasn’t always easy going being part of house culture which is often associated with drugs use but said he never dabbled despite meeting some “incredible people” along the way including superstar rapper 50 Cent whom gave him advice when things became tough financially during those difficult times early on in life where they would struggle

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