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Disney’s Shang-Chi breaks record for US Labour Day weekend

Disney’s Shang-Chi breaks record for US Labour Day weekend

A new movie, Shang-Chi broke the record for highest US Labor Day weekend ticket sales.

Disney’s superhero film, “Shang-Chi” made its debut at number one this labor day with $71 million in sales over five days. The action flick about an Asian martial arts master has already brought in more than $124 million overseas since opening on August 30th across 21 markets including China and Russia. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is famous for making multi billion dollar movies that are seen all around the world by fans of various ages so it comes as no surprise to see their first Chinese protagonist carry such weight right out of gate despite little known source material among mainstream audiences outside Asia compared to other big name superheroes

Disney’s “Shang-Chi” breaks record for US Labor Day weekend, making $71.3 million in ticket sales over the holiday long weekend, according to industry tracker Exhibitor Relations Co.

Disney’s “Shang-Chi” broke records by bringing about $71.3 million at the box office during Labor Day Weekend alone; this is higher than any other movie released on a U.S Federal Holiday before it! The film also earned an estimated total of around 169 million dollars throughout its opening week run which shows that not only did people love watching Disney break their own personal records but they really loved seeing Shang Chi get his revenge against Ghengis Khan and stop him from gaining power too!


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