Diplo REVEALS Beyoncé Affair in Leaked Text Messages

Diplo REVEALS Beyoncé Affair in Leaked Text Messages

happy halloweekend and boy do we have some tea for y’all that might actually give you nightmares as leaked text messages reveal that diplo claims to have slept with beyonce yep let’s let’s just let that one sink in for a sec alright so clearly we have a lot to unpack here as this story continues to gain traction throughout the interwebs but for starters a screenshot of alleged text messages between diplo and a mystery woman is being shared by tabloid site gossip of the city where he claims to have once slept with beyonce the text messages between diplo and the woman who went by the name of blonder 3000 occurred back in 2010 where she fears that he might have given her an std when they recently hooked up she wrote aids and stds are not a joke to which diplo replied so what do i have anything or not i’m confused because i

don’t also i slept with beyonce too things ended up getting heated in the text thread as diplo then claimed that he was going to get a restraining order against the woman saying you’re insane and i’m going to get a restraining order against you if you keep threatening me she responded back stating that she was going to get tested and get back to diplo adding don’t ever lie in your and throw beyonce under the bus like that she does make a point there but we just so many questions first off many fans have been confused as to how beyonce and diplo even know each other what’s intere

sting about this is that they first connected when he produced their hit song end of time back in 2010 which was around the same time that this text exchange occurred the two also worked together as he’s been credited with writing her songs all night and holed up so they do have a history whether it be personal or strictly professional so sure anything could have

happened especially considering diplo has a past reputation of hooking up with many artists but it’s important to note that beyonce and jay-z got married back in 2008 so that would mean beyonce would have had to have an affair at this time there are no rumors of infidelity on beyonce’s account and she likely wouldn’t have done such a thing as we all remember the second our wigs were snatched after she dropped lemonade detailing jay-z’s cheating scandal as of now

there is nothing that proves diplo in fact did hook up with beyonce but a word to the why should diplo ever come across this video you mess with the queen and the beehive will come for you fans have been buzzing on social media over the audacity diplo had to make such a bold claim one user wrote y’all really on beyonce’s internet saying that diplo even had a shot at her bye another fan tweeted diplo is about to have the longest day of his life with beyonce’s name beehive mount

the up and this person said i’m going to ignore that diplo and beyonce lie and continue on with my day because i value my peace of mind believe it or not there are some users who actually believe diplo’s claim one person said street saying diplo was smashing beyonce i believe it another argued i believe diplo slept with beyonce i don’t know why but i feel like it’s so outrageous that it’s not something he’d lie about because no one would believe him and she knows no one would believe him beyonce nor diplo have yet to comment on the leaked text messages however beyonce is notably tight-lipped when it comes to rumors surrounding her also she’s probably focused on the latest ivy park drop and it was just revealed today

that she’s on the cover of the december issue of british vogue now diplo is also busy facing backlash after being accused of living with 19 year old tick-tock star quinlan blackwell in what she describes as a platonic relationship in fact she has since denied the fact that anything else is going on between them aside from a friendship and in the recent tweet even wrote i’d rather break both of my legs and be forced to walk than pursue diplo romantically and he’d rather choke alrighty then but dippo has also come forward to clarify he and quinlan’s situation writing okay so i rent one of my properties to quinn blackwell and yes i use the studio that is in that building her social media is sarcastic and chaotic and i can see you can get a twisted idea but there is nothing but a friendship between us based on his responses diplo normally isn’t one to

shy away from addressing rumors head on but regarding the beyonce rumor it seems that one might be better left untouched but for more of this week’s wildest rumors click to the right to see why fans think kylie jenner might be pregnant with their second child then be sure to share all your thoughts on diplo’s bold claims right down here in the comments and if you’re one of the few believers we need to have a chat i’m your host emil ennis junior you can find me on instagram at emilinus jr and i’ll see you soon right back here on clevver news bye guys

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