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Destiny 2 Stops Insane XP Farm by Disabling Twitch Bounty

Destiny 2 Stops Insane XP Farm by Disabling Twitch Bounty

Destiny 2 has blocked players from earning XP from the game’s Nightfall Strikes if they don’t actually play. It’s a move that’s been prompted by a growing number of players using a third-party site called Twitch Bounty to farm XP.
The site allows players to set up a stream on their account and then play the Nightfall Strike without actually doing anything. It’s not just a way to idle in the background and farm XP, either – it’s a way to cheat. Xur, Destiny 2’s shopkeeper, is back today with a few new items for Guardians to spend their Legendary Shards on. The Exotic weapon this week is Malfeasance, a Warlock Exotic that dishes out bonus damage but reduces the magazine size of your other weapons. Xur’s also bringing the Three of Coins back again this week, but if you’re looking for a guaranteed Exotic Engram drop then you’re out of luck again.
Bungie has taken measures to stop a group of Destiny 2 players from farming experience by watching Twitch streams. The players in question would gain experience without doing anything but watching a Twitch streamer.
A new patch for Destiny 2 has been released, and it includes a new way of stopping the players from abusing the system. Bungie has managed to figure out a way to block the players from gaining experience by watching Twitch, and instead they will be rewarded with a message that their account has been locked.

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