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Designer Dundas and Revolve debut collaboration at NY Fashion Week

Designer Dundas and Revolve debut collaboration at NY Fashion Week

“Designer Dundas and Revolve debut collaboration at NY Fashion Week.”

The fashion designers Designer Dundas and the clothing company, Revolve debuted their new line of clothes in New York City. The show was filled with celebrities such as Taylor Swift, who were all looking to get a fresh start for fall by wearing this beautiful collection that has seven different pieces ranging from coats to hats or scarves featuring many bright colors like reds, oranges, yellows but also featured some neutral shades too.

Designer Dundas and Revolve are pleased to announce their collaboration for this year’s NYFW. The line is set to debut at Lincoln Center on February 17th, with a special appearance by both designers themselves! For the first time ever, designer Amy Dundas will be available after her show for meet-and greets along side fellow fashion design extraordinaire Michael Levinson of Revolve Clothing. If you’re not in New York City then don’t worry – all pieces from the collection can be purchased online starting Monday morning following each runway presentation.

Designer Dundas and Revove have announced that they are collaborating together during this season’s NYC Fashion Week which starts next week on Febuary17th where it takes place at Lincoln Center as well


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