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Democrats, media keeping Biden’s real plans for America a secret

Democrats, media keeping Biden’s real plans for America a secret

first, as Joe Biden continues to phone it in and let the press do his campaigning for him president trump continues to demonstrate that regardless what of what the polls say and you see them they’re all over the place he remains an unwavering political force of nature just over the past 72 hours he has held massive rallies in Ohio then to Wisconsin then he went live free or die in New Hampshire and then it was up to Maine and today three more stops in Pennsylvania sleepy Joe Biden said a little while ago he was in a lid you know what a little garbage can

white house president trump returned

they put the lid on it they put them and he saw we had two of these today but all of the uh trump rallies perhaps the ones who didn’t even attend i think they actually ended up saying the most to us like in the liberal bastion of beverly hills i wanted to be there okay i think i got that video different forms of it from five different people in uh in la it was awesome and then after all of that tonight here at the white house president trump returned to swear in his third nominee as associate justice of the supreme court a woman of outstanding intellect and character the american people put their trust in you and their faith in you as you take up the task of defending our laws our constitution and this country that we all love we ask god to give you wisdom and courage i know you will make us all very very proud with justice barrett’s confirmation the democrats are seething that the president and the republican senate did what the constitution allows oh but they’re hoping for payback next tuesday but they’re honestly the same time

Biden operatives are obsessing

they’re still freaking out check this out from the la times Biden operatives are obsessing over the ways that everything could go sideways in this unpredictable election everybody’s anxious said paul Begala longtime advisor to bill and Hillary Clinton we have permanent traumatic stress disorder we’ll never get over what happened in 2016. well, that’s why Democrats and their media lackeys are going to great lengths to keep you all in the dark about joe’s real plans for America he’s got to agree to give us a list of 5 or 10 or 20 or 30 or 40. gotta have people to pick from and if you don’t have that list you can’t vote for him you know it’s more than just a pack in the court

he’s got to say who’s he going to put on because we can’t have radical left justices that are going to destroy our nation now to be fair maybe Biden’s not telling us because he’s forgotten his own plans watch Biden’s staff quickly swoop in to shuffle him along during a quickie escape the basement trip to Pennsylvania here’s the deal one of the things that is important is that keep in mind although they’re going to vote on uh Barrett I think that’s the case that was terrifying I’m sorry the fact is they’re papering over a lot in the democrat party in their quest for power the far left which used to be pro-worker and anti-war is now throwing in with the pro-outsourcing pro-war Joe Biden and on fracking aoc either knows joe’s lying about not wanting to ban it or she’s making the ultimate devil’s bargain

vice president Biden’s position

you introduced a bill earlier this year that would ban all fracking nationwide within the next five years vice president Biden’s position on the issue of fracking has been confusing it sounds like now he’s on the other side of this issue from you does it bother you it will be a privilege to lobby him should we win the white house but we need to focus on winning the white house first but as usual the voters are pretty good at seeing through the hogwash voters we spoke to in western Pennsylvania are still pretty confused on the former vice president’s position Biden in the past and through the campaign has kind of gone back and forth in what he wants to do it’s almost like a domino effect and it could just be disastrous in my eyes

if you know first a pandemic and then fracking is banned the majority of voters we spoke to say they will be supporting president trump this time around because they do feel like his message is a little clearer and will be good for their livelihoods and their future now this is all going to come down to one question are Americans more fearful of losing their livelihoods and freedom than they are the virus now if the former is true enough will choose to bet on four more years with trump who fights for the American worker like there’s no tomorrow

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