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Demi Lovato Opens Up About ‘Roller Coaster’ Year After Max Ehrich’s Meltdown!

Demi Lovato Opens Up About ‘Roller Coaster’ Year After Max Ehrich’s Meltdown!

in an all-new interview demi lovato is reflecting on her roller coaster of a year in the wake of her split from max eric as we’re nearing the end of 2020 we’ve been able to breathe a light sigh of relief now that the election is over but what seemed to cause one of the biggest headlines of the year was demi lovato’s short-lived relationship engagement and split

with max eric earlier this year as many fans are well aware by now demi and max started dating back around march when they confirmed their relationship just two months later by slow dancing together in ariana grande and justin bieber’s

stuck with the music video we won’t get into many more details but let’s just say the split resulted in staged paparazzi photos of max crying on a beach a few tell-all breakup songs and an unforgettable moment in pop culture history max has since shared his thoughts on the split accusing demi of using him and even dubbing the entire production as a calculated

pr stunt demi has remained tight-lipped surrounding the breakup and has clearly been living her best life by spending more time with family and friends and putting out politically charged hits with important messages but while speaking on today with hoda and jenna earlier this week when demi was asked about what this year has been like for her she reflected

on the many roadblocks that she’s encountered as well as everything she’s learned throughout 2020 this year i don’t know how anybody can answer that question honestly because it’s been such a roller coaster i mean honestly for me my the beginning of the year started out i was on this trajectory to have a you know pretty eventful career and i was planning my comeback releasing the album despite all that went down though it seems demi was able to make the best out of an

unfortunate situation and is grateful for having to postpone her seventh studio album due to the pandemic considering everything she’s been through this year has been so much of an experience for her plus demi was also able to continue

making music as she even dropped two new songs including a powerful breakup anthem called still have me as well as commander in chief where she takes aim at president trump and his political policies speaking of the inspiration behind her recent songs though demi didn’t specifically mention max she did say quote when i write my songs when i go to the

studio and record them it’s a very cathartic and therapeutic experience for me anytime i go through something especially when i don’t say things publicly or comment on certain situations i just let my music comment on it most importantly demi has only taken away lessons from her experiences this year adding i think the most important thing that i’ve learned is how much i am okay with myself and loving myself it wasn’t until this year that i really started exploring the things that

bring joy to my life in little ways and by the looks of it she’s nowhere near finished with 2020 as she’s set to host the 2020 people’s choice awards this sunday and is currently teasing a collaboration on a song that’s already been released many fans have been eagerly screenshotting hints demi keeps dropping about recording a new collab including this dm of her

saying it’s a song that’s out i’m featuring on a remix she also teased this photo in the studio with the caption last time i recorded in the studio it was with patrick stump and pete wentz today another [ __ ] dope collab coming yeah i think we can all agree that if anyone demi lovato is clearly still capable of making a comeback this year and we can’t wait to see what she’s whipping up to close out this wild chapter

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