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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh To Meet US Defence Secretary Mark T Esper

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh To Meet US Defence Secretary Mark T, Esper

ahead of the two plus two ministerial dialogue tomorrow defense minister rajnath Singh will be meeting with his American counterpart esper for a bilateral meet that’s at 3 15 pm today there’s also a dinner that will be hosted by India for secretary mike Pompeo as well as for defense secretary esper this will be hosted by external affairs ministers Jai Shankar and defense minister raj nat singh gita mohan is joining us with more details on this gita what really is on the agenda for the bilateral meet today well both the ministry bilaterals are going to take

place today uh defense and external affairs ministry uh dr jaishankor and secretary pompeo will be meeting separately and esper and rajna Singh would be meeting separately what they are going to discuss are very specific issues are related to military defense when it comes to asper and rajna thing there are going to be a lot of nitty gritty that will be discussed on Becca as well lac and china certainly could figure uh when it comes to the military aspect of uh the the the concerns that India has and the concerns that the united states of America has on the other hand

the conversations between jaishankar and secretary Pompeo are really going to focus on the larger foreign policy issues between the two countries uh and how to take those things forward okay those areas forward also on the china factor the economic sanctions how to look at the entire aspect economically and how to go forward in the indo-pacific region militarily as well as uh through foreign policy so these bilaterals essentially setting the stage for the two plus two dialogue that’s later to happen in Delhi tomorrow gita thank you for getting us all the latest on that story,

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