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COVID-19 UK: Should schools be closed during lockdown?

COVID-19 UK: Should schools be closed during lockdown?

the balance of risk is very strongly in favor of children actually going to school because many more are likely to be harmed by not going it was a risk to reopen but one this government was willing to take covert cases rose children were sent home some schools had to shut again in this second national lockdown they are excluded and education will continue but the largest body representing teachers in england believes it’s a huge mistake we wouldn’t want schools completely closed we think they should be open to key workers to the the children of nhs staff or tesco delivery drivers and to vulnerable kids but we think that by and large for this four week period it would be more sensible if primary and secondary schools were

closed whilst it’s been a challenging period for this school in blackpool the teachers here want to carry on working to provide vital education it almost feels like head teachers are almost being expected to come up with their own solution to what’s a national challenge yes the government give guidance every day 40 page documents every day to read but it would be useful if there was a national strategy on how on how best um to move forward with education for schools across the country there remains a fine line between protecting the health of its staff and students and ensuring educational development for many it’s a tough battle to contend with after last night’s announcement the mood amongst parents is

mixed i think skills are probably the worst thing in the world to be open at the moment is it above their elf that’s what you got to look at i mean you can be intelligent as you want to learn as much as you want but if your elf’s not there then what’s it worth i’m confident that if it did become a risk that they would do what they did earlier in the year and close the schools and we’d go back to homeschooling um so we’ve just got to sort of see how things pan out really it’s not going to slow spread the virus keeping schools open you sure somebody you shot it all in front of pending him for a pound unlike many occasions during this pandemic the labour leader is supporting the prime minister to keep schools open but the mayor of

greater manchester thinks otherwise if we are to break transmission it will require a period of closure and i would suggest a period of two weeks closure towards the second half of november there’s no denying that it’s been a crushing year for education many are now having to play catch up but there still remains uncertain times ahead from political disagreements to a virus that continues to spread what teachers and students hope is that there’s some light at the end of this very dark tunnel in saman rashid sky news in blackpool

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