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COVID-19 UK: Holidaymakers ‘gutted’ by travel ban in England

COVID-19 UK: Holidaymakers ‘gutted’ by travel ban in England

for many they’re becoming images from an almost forgotten era as winter sunshine abroad’s cancelled at least for the next month it was disappointing and disheartening so i think after the year we’ve had i think there’s one thing i’m looking forward to sam’s supposed to be flying to gran canaria two days after national lockdown begins it’s been hard to get outside this year at all really so like the idea of having a week of like outdoor activity just like completely switched off was kind of actually lovely like i’m like it’s just really gutted i can’t go an international inessential travel ban will be in force

unless for work education or other exemptions how do you feel about not going on holiday you feel sad yeah it means uk holidays as well emily and percy have cancelled two over two lockdowns now the latest to skegness next week it’s the same four walls every day um that you’re looking at and being with the same people it’s just i do feel fed up i do i feel really really gutted i just sort of think how was my look so bad that two holidays have been cancelled as there’s two

lockdowns but then i just keep reminding myself this isn’t forever it will decimate the industry once again amid criticism for the government adding new travel corridors to the canaries just last week it’s been an absolutely terrible year for travel and unlike the hospitality industry we haven’t really had any opportunity to recover yet because you talk about these stop start positions with the the travel corridors we’ve lost 90 000 jobs already and we know that there’s more in

the pipeline so it’s really important that the government just look at bringing in some tailored support for the travel sector there’ll be a rush for refunds with concerns some flights still running may not pay out the question of when and if to rebook is for tens of thousands of people up in the air indefinitely adele robinson sky news

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