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Corona’s assessment as a key figure in the EU after Trump

Corona’s assessment as a key figure in the EU after Trump Corona has been diagnosed by EU Commissioner Maria Gabriel after US President Donald Trump.

EU Commissioner for Research and Innovation Maria Gabriel adopted isolation last Monday after a team member tested positive and her first test was negative, but now her second test is positive.

Maria Gabriel tweeted that the test was positive, after which she became the first person in the top leadership of the European Union to be diagnosed with the deadly virus.

The European Union is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, while Maria Gabriel is from Bulgaria and is the 27-nation EU Commissioner for Education, Research, Innovation, Youth and Culture.

Earlier, European Commission President Arsula van der Leyen went into self-isolation after interacting with a Corona-infected man, but both tests failed.

It is believed that US President Donald Trump was recently diagnosed with the deadly virus, after which he was hospitalized for a few days

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