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Collector’s World in Midland celebrates 40th anniversary

Collector’s World in Midland celebrates 40th anniversary

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Collector’s World in Midland is hosting a sale on Saturday from 9am to 3pm. The store has been open since 1974 and began as an antique shop that carried antiques including furniture, books & magazines, paintings & prints, ceramics/pottery etc.; the owner then expanded into other collectibles such as figurines – especially those made by Hummel – vintage Coca-Cola items; later adding toys (including Barbie); jewelry boxes with music boxes Inside them were musicals like “My Fair Lady” or Broadway show songs sung for children like Dorothy singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. And now it carries old records albums too!

Collector’s World, a unique store in Midland that carries everything from antiques to zoos for cats is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

When visitors walk into Collector’s World they are immediately surrounded by old-fashioned toys and games such as wooden trains or vintage baseball cards stacked neatly on well kept shelves making it feel like you have time warped back 50 years even though the world outside has been evolving at an alarming rate. The items inside of Collector’s World can be somewhat expensive but there will always be something special hidden within the shop so anyone willing to look hard enough should find what interests them whether it may just be a piece of candy with their favorite cartoon character printed on top or maybe finding one last item needed

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