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CNN Says Trump Supporters Are Like Drug Addicts

CNN Says Trump Supporters Are Like Drug Addicts

well folks if you watch this show regularly you know that the president and his supporters have been called all kinds of awful names by the media but get this i had to get rid of a lot of people in my life because sometimes you just have to let them go i think that they have to hit rock bottom like an addict right and they have to want to get help they have to want to know the truth they have to want to live in reality they have to want to be responsible that’s right cnn’s don lemon thinks trump supporters are like drug addicts while stone faced chris just sits there more on cuomo later outrageous last

week we talked about the 60 minutes controversy involving donald trump and leslie stahl but did you happen to catch nora o’donnell’s 60-minute sit down with kamala harris you’re considered the most liberal united states senator i somebody said that and it actually was mike pence on the debate stage but yeah well actually the non-partisan gov track has rated you as the most liberal senator so are you going to bring the policies those progressive policies that you supported as senator into a biden administration and o’donnell kept up the heat and is that a socialist or progressive

perspective [Laughter] you have fought for medicare for all that’s not something that joe biden supports if you become vice president would you say to a president biden you know what let’s we should really be pushing for medicare for all oh donald wasn’t at all disarmed by harris’s defense mechanism [Laughter] oh that laugh that laugh bravo norah o’donnell but it was quite the opposite when harris visited the gals of the view senator harris i’m wearing this for you today because joy so i am thank you for comment today it’s uh we have our fingers crossed for for you how does anyone take that

program seriously a police shooting in philadelphia this past monday set off several riots and looting as well here’s cnn’s chris cuomo reinforcing the fake claim that the shooting was racist another black man shot and killed by police in the key state of pennsylvania walter wallace jr the name we now must all know just 27 killed yesterday in front of his mom in philadelphia she was chasing after him begging cops not to shoot a man who was clearly in mental distress you don’t have to believe me there’s tape yes there is tape warning it may be hard for some to watch [Applause] cuomo then said the cops didn’t know what to do wrong the officers knew exactly what to do they could be clearly heard on that tape saying put the knife down they said it twice as he came at them now cuomo didn’t find that or the very fact that the man had a knife

important enough to tell you about until later in the segment to me he’s nothing more than a liberal hack a useful idiot practicing fake news by omission and in this case it’s downright dangerous now amy coney barrett was sworn in as justice of the u.s supreme court on monday night here’s fox news covering it here’s a picture of cnn covering it but msnbc and rachel maddow covered none of it as it was happening shame on her shame on phil griffin who runs that liberal trash bin and shame on nbc news who apparently has no control over msnbc or maddow or then again maybe they do

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