Clare Crawley & Dale Moss On Whirlwind Romance After Engagement

Clare Crawley & Dale Moss On Whirlwind Romance After Engagement

Clare Crawley & Dale Moss On Whirlwind Romance After Engagement

the rumors were true claire crawley and dale moss are engaged and they just opened up about their whirlwind romance this is your bachelor brief it’s been three months since dale popped the big question to claire after only two weeks of filming the bachelorette and now the two are finally able to talk about their sweet and unexpected love story after their shocking proposal aired on the bachelorette the lovebirds got candid about the status of their relationship on good

morning america it feels it feels very surreal it happened a few months ago but it’s still so fresh and i i could not be more excited all right you know we got asked let’s see the ring you got to show off the ring you know oh they got to move it back it’s it’s too big you gotta move that that we can’t there we go it’s blinding us here from the moment dale stepped out of the

limo on night one it was obvious for bachelor nation that it was love at first sight for claire and dale’s feelings were mutual the former football player confessed that he always knew it would be just the two of them at the end of the day when did you know that claire was the woman for you honestly after the first night uh and i even said it the first time i

knew knew it was special but after we had our first group date in my mind and in my heart everything was already written so everything after the fact just validated that and i knew in my heart that it was going to be her and i at the end of the end of the day ahead of their appearance on gma right after the world found out they were engaged the two went on

instagram live to flaunt their love [Music] so um this has been a wild ride huh you guys kind of a while ago let me see that again let me see that again it’s so big it pinched it pinched it pinched um so i can’t say thank you hey chase lacey hi you guys what’s good what’s good what’s good um can’t say thank you enough for it’s safe to say claire followed her heart despite blowing up the hit abc show which she promised to access hollywood that she did just that let’s talk about blowing

up the bachelor bachelorette how does it feel to be the one that blew it all up oh man i guess it feels good i don’t know it’s um i know you’ve got there’s a lot of rumors going around with what the season entails you can’t give up but let’s just do some investigative reporting okay on a scale of one to ten one being the worst ten the best how would you describe your

season 10 10 yes 10 and what about one word to describe your season unforgettable what about one word to describe where you are with yourself right now um hmm that’s a good question um proud proud okay that doesn’t give me much because is that proud the way you handled the whole situation is that all i know is everybody all my girlfriends we were so excited when you were the bachelorette i was like finally i just really want someone in there who is true about finding love

and it’s time any hesitations going into the season not for one second not for one second i think with anything if there was the initial like aren’t there younger girl like what is what they what are they wanting for me and i i know i’ve been through it plenty of times and are people going to want to see me but i think there’s a different dynamic that i bring to the table

that we haven’t seen before and that hasn’t been there at least from my perspective so i’m excited to and honored to kind of be this one to show this side of it

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