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Chrissy Teigen’s Yearly Christmas Gifts To John Legend

john legend knows what’s underneath the tree this year in his new legendary christmas tales youtube series the never break singer revealed to fans the go-to gifts that his wife chrissy teigen gives him every christmas he said the first gift she always gives him is a reliable carry-all bag which he can stuff all of his essentials in and tote around for the whole year i literally put everything that i care about in the bag you know

laptop phone chargers passport everything is in that bag and i carry it with me everywhere i go so i’m reminded of chrissy’s great taste and generosity throughout the year and another gift chrissy never fails to give jon a cozy robe the voice coach revealed that he chrissy and the kids are quote a big robe family we like to wear robes throughout the house all the time so she gets me really good gifts that i can use all the time

and feel good and remember who gave them to me this year’s gift exchange is still a few days away but the stevens family is already in the holiday spirit chrissy recently shared this picture of four-year-old luna and two-year-old miles posing outside in front of their festive decorations the cookbook author wrote i love these so much because the pics completely encompass their different personalities luna

wanting to be perfect and miles solely caring about cars while holding cars yelling about cars the fam also recently had fun playing with the tiny elf version of john and chrissy and luna voiced her parents in hilarious fashion hi i’m chrissy keegan i’m funny hi i’m john i’m a good

singer and chrissy also got it on the fun who am i i’m john i’m john roger stephen [Music] earlier this month chrissy reflected on the importance of bonding and sharing special moments with her kids on instagram she wrote in part one thing i have gotten very good at is knowing every single moment they want you to pause and pay attention to them is very important to them so you just gotta make it a

moment because it’s just a moment but it’s their moment you know give them a moment because it’s just a moment but it’s important to them john also recently talked to access hollywood about their family being their rock through the good and the bad what you have to do

even when you go through the roughest of times when you go through the challenges you have to remember all the blessings that you have as well for us it’s our family it’s our kids it’s our loved ones our friends who have surrounded us with love even through the darkest of times and

we have each other and we know that um we’re going to fight for each other we’re going to uh fight with each other uh you know against all these different challenges that uh we face and knowing that you have that it makes you feel like you can get through anything together and uh hopefully everybody out there has that kind of love in their lives where they believe that even though life will throw you challenges you can face them together

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