Chrishell Stause Says She’s Just Friends With Gleb Savchenko

Chrishell Stause Says She's Just Friends With Gleb Savchenko

Chrishell Stause Says She’s Just Friends With Gleb Savchenko

krishell stouse is setting the record straight about her connection with dancing with the star’s partner gleb savchenko the pro dancer and his wife elena revealed this week that they had decided to separate elena was the first to announce the split with this instagram stories post and gleb confirmed the news to access hollywood in a statement which read in part it is with a heavy heart that i tell you my wife and i are parting ways after 14 years of marriage we still intend to co-parent

our wonderful children together who we love so dearly and we strive to continue to be the best parents that we can to them gleb’s breakup news comes just days after he and chriselle were eliminated on dancing with the stars the two built a

strong bond on the show and speculation began to swirl that their dancing relationship had turned into something more playing a role in his and elena’s split that escalated when elena posted this cryptic quote that read i don’t hate you i’m just disappointed you turned into everything you said you’d never be amid the speculation krishell took to instagram to

address it head on she wrote i am so saddened about the news of gleb and elena’s split it is unfortunate that this has caused rumors to swirl about my personal life having gone through a public split myself i would not wish this on anyone as you can imagine the countless hours of training and dance rehearsals has created a strong supportive friendship but

nothing more i wish nothing but the best for both gleb and elena during this unfortunate time while christelle and gleb are just friends they built a lasting bond during their time on the dance floor gleb told access hollywood all about the impression the selling sunset star made on him i’ve met a beautiful student beautiful friend and you know i had a blast

within this last 10 weeks you know two weeks of the preparation you know eight weeks of the competition you killed it you’re you have a beautiful soul you’re the most hard-working person i’ve ever met in my life even you’re you know you’re just a lesbian you’re a celebrity but you come on the show so normal and real that it made me feel like every second

spending with you and that rehearsal studio it was the most beautiful time i’ve ever had so you are amazing that’s so nice you’re so sweet and whatever you guys see on the screen on the selling sunset that’s how she is and she’s even the sweeter better most beautiful soul that’s the nicest thing ever it’s really you know we spend so much time together so that really is such a compliment and and i’m so nice thank you chrishell opened up about the confidence club gave her not only in the

ballroom but in other aspects of life i feel like for the most part in this journey i’ve really gained a confidence that when we started this i was so unsure about every single step that i was taking and you know in different dance moves that doesn’t work right and gleb was the first person to like make sure that he was you know drilling that in every single step

of the way you have to take this step with confidence you have to drill this in and those are the things that like now i feel like you know it’s kind of drill that into pieces take this step of confidence it might not be a dance move maybe it’s me

walking into a room of you know an audition or something like that but he’s really kind of killed that self-doubt for me krishell also told access that she’s single and might be open to finding love on reality tv years ago the former soap star was

considered to be the bachelorette and if the opportunity presented itself again it wouldn’t be a definite no i am definitely in a place in my life where i feel like you know i would love to add the element in i’m a hopeless romantic and i feel like you know listen i’m i’m single i’m ready to mingle maybe i can like wow someone with my dance moves you never know

but uh but yes i feel like as far as that goes i would be open i don’t know i don’t know what happened but i listen i’m open to whatever it sounds like you would be open to being the bachelorette because you would be amazing well you’re so sweet you know what it is i i can choreograph a wedding dance listen here’s the deal i’m just gonna break it down with

you i wouldn’t i wouldn’t love the idea of my personal life being out there for everyone however i would be okay with it if it meant that i’m meeting a bunch of guys without going on dating apps and like they actively know who i am what i’m about they’re ready and willing like to be honest to you like that would be the thing for me like i’d be like okay fine let’s do it

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