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China’s Culture Ministry pushes for stricter entertainment regulations

China’s Culture Ministry pushes for stricter entertainment regulations

In an effort to make the country’s entertainment industry safer, China has increased restrictions on what kind of shows are allowed.
The new regulations would ban anything that may encourage “inappropriate” behavior or is judged by a review board as having been filmed without permission from its original location beforehand. In addition, producers must submit all scripts for approval before filming begins in order prevent any infringement issues later down the line after it’s already completed

The Chinese government has passed a new law that will make it harder for people to get into clubs and enjoy entertainment. The Ministry of Culture wants these regulations in place because they’re concerned about how the public spends money on nightclubs, concerts, art exhibits etc., but what does this mean exactly? For one thing there might not always be as much fun when things finally do start happening at those places- which isn’t really so cool after all if you were looking forward to seeing your favorite band or singer perform!

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