China targets foreign religious groups

China targets foreign religious groups

foreign religious groups and worshippers could be the latest targets of a growing crackdown on organized religion in china the ministry of justice in china has published draft rules to restrict how foreign worshipers operate within the country our next report explores china’s latest attack on the freedom to practice religion china has always had an uneasy relationship with religion the chinese president wants his people to

follow only one belief communism and the communist party of china has left no stone unturned in enforcing xi jinping’s belief in the last 10 years it has shut down churches and forced worshipers to pray outdoors the authorities persecute us every day when you want to rent a place

to pray they make the owner turf us out and when you buy land to build a church they don’t let us build it it is ordered buddhist monasteries to raise the chinese flag they have no power people who have gun they believe they are truly worshipper of gun it has raised mosques to build toilets and put muslims under mass surveillance my family is held hostage in china’s concentration camp my brother is forced to assemble

phone chargers as a slave laborer the communist party feels threatened by organized religion it has always kept all religions on its soil under check foreigners have usually enjoyed more freedom when it comes to their religious beliefs but that freedom is set to go beijing is now targeting foreign religious groups the ministry of justice in china has published draft rules to restrict how foreign worshipers operate within

the country the list of potential restrictions could make practicing one’s belief far more difficult the draft includes a list of activities that foreigners should not conduct within china this includes interfering with or dominating the affairs of chinese religious groups advocating extremist thoughts and interfering with the appointment of chinese clergy members most of the draft seems to target islamic groups in

xinjiang but the last point appears to be aimed at the vatican china has had a long-standing dispute with the holy see over the appointment of chinese bishops beijing insists on having the final say in the appointment of bishops in mainland china while the vatican maintains that only

the pope has such authority the new regulations could raise fresh concerns over many such religious practices and customs church services and congregations will have to get prior permission from chinese authorities even lecturers by visiting religious figures would require the

chinese regime’s permission the communist party wants to seal off chinese religious practitioners from their fellow believers outside the country by doing so china wants to make the religions more compatible with communist principles

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