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China Sanctions US Firms For Taiwan Arms Sale

China Sanctions US Firms For Taiwan Arms Sale

the world according to jess yes yes today we discuss the confirmation of judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court and why u.s china relations keep getting worse sit tight the show starts now the world according to jesse hi i’m brigitte santos for our top story today the senate has voted along party lines to confirm judge amy coney barrett to a lifetime tenure on the supreme court coney barrett has been sworn in with just eight days until the november third election cementing a 6-3 conservative majority on the high court that’s expected to further tilt the ideological balance of the law for decades to come jesse what do you think about amy coney barrett’s confirmation this close to election day and without any votes from democrats well here’s what i think about it it’s first of all the system’s broken and they always create a

system where they can loop it where they can get around it if they have to and if you go back and i know we’ve all heard this you go back four years and mcconnell had the chance to to uh confirm merit garland nine months before the election and he refused to do it and lindsey graham refused to do it nine months before the election with the story the people should have a say in this well these are two of the biggest hypocrites lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell walking the face of the earth because here it is a little later and now as you said with eight days before an election they’ve confirmed a new supreme court justice so this time the people didn’t get a chance to decide before the people deserved the chance i guess we did something so this time we didn’t deserve that chance our big problem is this could have been avoided with rules within the senate why didn’t they make a rule stating no you can’t name anybody six months before an election

that’s simple but they don’t do that so they have rules to break it’s a whole system that set up this way and it’s ridiculous that it’s the way that it is because she should not have been confirmed this close to an election it’s that simple it wasn’t good enough four years ago but now it’s good enough today hypocrisy rules and graham and mcconnell are the dirtbag hypocrites that they are i can’t believe this country would re-elect those two people in other news the u.s has set a coronavirus case record with 85 000 new infections in a single day now october 23rd marked the worst day of the pandemic so far and in the past week nearly half a million americans have now tested positive this is pushing hospitals to the brink with at least 14 states reporting a record number of covid19 hospitalizations the pandemic is also causing

unacceptable drug shortages in the u.s shortages have limited at least 29 of 40 critical drugs for treating covid19 patients including hydroxychloroquine azithromycin albuterol morphine and fentanyl many critical acute drugs are also in short supply including acetaminophen lidocaine and diazepam drug shortages are a matter of life and death and what makes the problem so bad is that no organization or agency is tasked with overseeing and managing drug shortages jesse this is a national crisis on top of other national crises why is it so hard to manage this pandemic well because they don’t want to manage it donald trump has made it clear uh from his aspect as on the executive branch basically they’re using the herd immunity let us all catch it whoever’s gonna catch it we’ll try to protect the people that are vulnerable and we’re just

gonna do what we need to do we need to understand something and i made this statement earlier i don’t believe that this country today could have survived in world war ii because back in world war ii when my mom and dad both served the country we had to make legitimate we had to sacrifice for the war effort to defeat hitler i don’t think the country has the guts to do that today they can’t even wear masks without bitching about it a mask my mom wore one 40 hours a week she worked in surgery at a hospital she wore a mask every day of her life damn near and yet we can’t even put them on to save ourselves so i don’t think the people of the generation that lives today had it been around in world war ii hitler would

have won and i’m stating that unequivocally because the united states people today will not sacrifice like they should we now turn to russia which has granted nsa whistleblower edward snowden permanent residency rights seven years after after the former american intelligence contractor exposed the us government’s mass surveillance program it’s unclear whether snowden will go through with the process of becoming a legal russian citizen as he has yet to comment publicly still the option is there if he wants it snowden has said he wants to come back to the us but only if he’s guaranteed a fair trial you know several months ago president donald trump said he would take a very good look at pardoning edward

snowden but obviously there are no signs that that’s going to happen jessie well you know it’s too bad because you know edward snowden did something that was not treason he showed he showed our government lying you know i always talk about it at the end of the show he exposed the lying he exposed what was going on and because of that he’s a whistleblower who now faces uh charges of treason and things of that nature i’ll tell you what the charge of treason should go on some of our elected officials not on edward snowden in foreign affairs the u.s has approved a 2.3 billion dollar arms sale to taiwan pushing washington’s relationship with china to the lowest point in decades under the deal the u.s will deliver three weapons systems to taiwan including rocket launchers sensors and artillery in response to the

agreement beijing has now slapped sanctions on american firms involved in the deal including lockheed martin raytheon and boeing defense beijing has long considered taiwan part of its territory while taiwan sees itself as a renegade province since splitting from the mainland in 1949. the history of taiwan in china is incredibly complicated and long we don’t have time to get into it today but all you need to know is that the u.s and china are at odds and the u.s backing taiwan with this major arms deal is not improving sino-american relations jesse and here we go again selling weapons throughout the world the united states the biggest weapons dealer there is and yet they come to me and tell me i should give up my

second amendment rights that i should turn my guns over because they’re dangerous they cause murders and we don’t really need everybody to own a gun all while at the same time the hypocrisy of lindsey graham and and and the other character mcconnell here’s more hypocrisy they want to take our guns from us while they’re the biggest arms dealer in the world how many people die every year from arms sold to countries by the united states of america that would be an interesting statistic to see again i will give up my second amendment rights when my country ceases to be the biggest arms sales dealer throughout the world and is behind every war that happens throughout the world damn near let’s shift to space news for the first time ever scientists have identified water on parts of the moon where the sun shines expanding on the 2018 discovery of water ice in dark craters apparently water is more common on the moon than previously

thought nasa researcher a nasa researcher clarifies that they did not detect puddles of water but instead water molecules so spread out that they don’t form ice or liquid water the concentration at the site where the molecules were detected by nasa’s sofia aircraft is low equivalent to about a 12-ounce bottle of water within a cubic meter but still water on the moon could change the game for future astronauts because they might one day be able to drink it which would allow them to

forgo carrying water on their spacecraft water molecules can also be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the future the oxygen might allow astronauts to breathe the molecules could also potentially be used as rocket propellant what do you think about this new discovery jesse i think it’s wonderful that’s why we go into outer space that’s why we go out there to explore we’re finding things out water on the moon who would have thought that 10 20 50 years ago but now they’re discovering it’s there now the thing is going to be interesting is who’s in control of all of all this uh international space that’s going on right now water on the moon is a huge discovery and that’s why we need to continue with our space programs because we benefit immensely what we discover out there nasa’s artemis mission aims to land the first woman and the next man on the moon in 2024 but in the meantime there is already a debate over who will own the right to the

moon’s resources like its water now under international law extraterrestrial bodies cannot be the subject of territorial claims by governments on earth but when it comes to extraterrestrial resources the law isn’t so clear about who has the right to exploit them if anyone or whether anyone can profit off space resources nasa recently established a new set of agreements for international space agencies and private companies to abide by in space the bilateral artemis accords describe a shared vision for principles grounded in the outer space treaty of 1967 to create a safe and transparent

environment to facilitate exploration science and commercial activities for all of humanity to enjoy peacefully but not all countries have signed on yet so i suppose space resources could be fought over just as resources are fought over here on earth jesse well brigitte here’s what i’m waiting for now they discovered water on the moon maybe on the other side there’s moon people moon men now here’s what i want to know if the united states goes there are we going gonna commit genocide on the moon people like we did on the native americans here in the united states will we go out to the moon and overrun them and stake our claim of course i’m being a little silly and funny there but don’t think it’s out of the picture that there won’t be some genocidal effect to us going to the moon and staking a claim to it you know or staking a claim to the resources that the moon has there will be wars fought over the moon trust me on that i probably won’t be around to see them but maybe a hundred years from now people will say by god jesse was right it’s time for a break when we return

jesse sits down with the founding editor of jacobin to talk about why we need a new system of politics in an era of extreme inequality we’ll be right back i’m jesse ventura welcome to my world come along for the ride the world according to jess yes is the founding editor and publisher of jacobin and the author of the socialist manifesto which examines socialism’s history and what a socialist system would look like in america first of all boscar what does socialism mean to you so to me socialism is about doing two things one is guaranteeing basic rights uh to people so at the very least i think we deserve the right to reach our creative potentials whatever that might be so we have a right to housing we write to basic food

education the basic things we need to reach our our potential plus beyond that socialism is about extending democracy so i love political democracy i’m an anti-authoritarian i want to live in a democracy but how come for us as Americans democracy is something that we only experience a couple times a year in the ballot box how come we don’t have those kind of rights on the at the workplace how come workers don’t have certain rights to elect your management let’s say in the workplace so it’s about asking these more radical questions and extending the scope of democracy and obviously also uh uh getting this baseline of um the basic things you need to fulfill your potential because you know uh uh in the united states we take for granted the fact that some kid born in uh waterbury connecticut is gonna have a radically different life than a kid born in greenwich connecticut i mean that’s just common sense to most americans but it shouldn’t be the

wealthiest country on earth now many people see politics as the root of our problem not the solution what kind of changes do you propose we need and why well i think to begin with we need to actually on the left um deliver the goods in order for americans to actually think that politics can make a difference in their lives so i think for starters medicare for all medicare for all is widely popular not just among democrats but among even a lot of republicans as well people uh like their doctors but they don’t like their insurance companies and they don’t like having to deal with co-pays they don’t like being told that this medicine that their doctor thinks they need to have to survive they just can’t afford so they can’t get

they don’t like this stuff and i think that’s the the bottom line of the most important thing for us to fight for the next five years that means taking on some of those powerful corporations in the united states and that means uh showing people that actually if you band together you take on these corporations you enact some real legislative change you know that that could be the start of i think a wider push for other things like greater union rights like a green new deal like like other things as well now why does our economic system cause extreme inequality well i think fundamentally capitalism at its

root is based on the inequality between the people who own the places where goods and services are produced and the fact they have all this leverage uh all this leverage about working class americans who who don’t have that power um you know so fundamentally that inequality is baked into capitalism it’s not just about money and politics and whatnot it is just about this disparity you know i have have worked plenty of jobs in my life where i didn’t like my boss and i want to tell my boss to f off and i couldn’t because i was relying on that pay i was relying on that health care i was relying on a lot of things right uh and then beyond that obviously in the united states in particular the system has been rigged against

working-class americans in the last 40 50 years far greater than it had been before so you had a period from the new deal up until probably the early 1970s when uh when a workplace was more profitable and a workplace was more productive workers were seeing a fair share of those productivity gains since then all those gains have been going to the very top that’s been the result of legislation that’s been the result of a brutal offensive on regulations and on american unions american unions created the the uh working middle classes in this country and elevated us to a lot of wealth and prosperity so your average american could have uh levels of consumption that were the envy of a lot of the rest of the world but that’s not the case anymore now i’ve witnessed multiple stock market crashes in my lifetime but capitalism still endures is socialism really any better well i think that it depends what kind of socialism you’re talking about you’ve seen

forms of capitalism that are even worse than the one we’re living in under now like i think pinochet is chile uh is as bad as the u.s is today you know that that was that was worse um and if you’re talking about a form of authoritarian socialism then that would be even worse than what we have today but what i’m advocating for is a common sense expansion of our welfare state to protect most americans and to make sure that these people can reach their potential and i’m advocating for greater worker power in their workplaces i think that in fact is a system that could work i think if explained in terms of make sense to people and don’t get into this cold war binary and these these red scare kind of fairs that people have then i think it has a real chance to win over a majority of people and i think you’re seeing now especially among young people

you’re seeing people have a very different perception of what socialism means and and who are the politicians and who are the people pushing the policies that will actually improve their lives let’s expand on that winning an election isn’t the same as winning the power to create change politicians who call themselves democratic socialists are currently serving in congress but they’re the minority young people now have a positive view of democratic socialism why is that why do young people have a positive view i think a lot of people in my generation are seeing that they’re not going to have the

same standard of living that even their parents enjoyed and they in their perspectives have done everything right you know they’re playing by the rules they were told go to college to gain more skills and be more competitive in the marketplace in return for that they just got saddled with student loans they have no way of paying out and they’re getting jobs that are uh below of the in real terms below what their their parents got with similar levels of of achievement so i think you’re seeing this kind of can’t win no solution lots of uh dead end frustration and people see that both parties have pushed the same sort of economic consensus that have done things like create these disastrous free trade deal which means that a lot of people who just want to develop skills and go in the manufacturing sectors are finding there’s no jobs there anymore um and and we’re seeing i think a lot of this frustration and obviously some of the frustrations boiling over on the populist right i think that on the left we represent an anti-establishment alternative that actually isn’t just

demagoguery but actually can say to people hey we’re not just going to speak to your anger and frustration but we’re going to couple that with something like medicare for all something like a clean jobs program that will actually improve your lives materially now according to recent johns hopkins university survey nearly 80 percent of americans want two weeks of paid sick leave and want sick and 60 want universal health care if most americans want social safety nets why are they villainized once they’re labeled socialist because the truth is we don’t really live in a democracy i mean that’s that’s that’s one of the big truths that the many well-intentioned people who went into politics try to make change really found out that our votes aren’t all equal it doesn’t matter if even 80 90 of us want a universal healthcare as long as there’s a minority of businessmen making money off the healthcare industry they’re going to fight us tooth and nail that’s why

we need to figure out how to take on their their power and that’s why we need to take on all forms of these these large corporations and their imperatives because guess what you might think all right a company like gm might benefit from having their health care costs offloaded onto the u.s government in a universal healthcare program but they’re smart enough to know that they’re not they’re paying for their employees healthcare but they’re also getting leverage in return it’s a lot harder to leave a job when your health insurance and the health insurance of your your spouse and your kids are all tied to that that same plan now in your book you mentioned ways other countries have embraced elements of

socialism can capitalism and socialism coexist so i think you’ve seen the most successful and prosperous societies in history like for example the nordic countries throughout the last 100 years have embraced large elements of socialism within capitalism so i think without a doubt that’s that’s our immediate horizon what we need to fight for in the us is a social democratic united states i will admit to having aspirations beyond that because i do think all right if social democracy works what is what are the forces that are undermining social democracy in europe and elsewhere and to me it’s the fact that you still have a lot of big business interests you still have a lot of powerful wealthy people who have an interest in rolling back those reforms so it’s almost like it’s almost like you it’s the myth of sisyphus right where you’re

constantly rolling the boulder up the hill only to have it fall back down upon you so i do want to couple that social democracy with worker-owned cooperatives so i’m not proposing some sort of central planning where the u.s government controls everything uh you know u.s government i think could do a good job probably with healthcare with a few other large infrastructure projects and things like that but i do think that our workplaces should be run by the people who work there they should be able to elect management they should be able to make certain decisions uh your average line worker in a factory knows a lot more about about production about how to make it more efficient than their immediate

supervisors do and i think they’d be much more willing to work harder and more efficiently even they are now and american workers are among the most productive in the world even though they are now if they were given uh dividends at the end of the month instead of just a basic uh not even living wage bhaskar sankara author of the socialist manifesto thank you very much for your time and your education to my audience we appreciate it thank you jesse it’s a pleasure to be with you and and i i applaud all your work from the fan of the show the world thanks for watching send us your

comments online for a chance to be featured next week when we’re back covering more stories ignored by the corporate media and as always everyone remember when the government lies the truth becomes a traitor wear your mask and stay vigilant the world according

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