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China is using its diaspora in Australia as a pawn

China is using its diaspora in Australia as a pawn

after muslin free speech at home and forcing foreign correspondents to leave china beijing is now going after journalists abroad a journalist working for the australian state broadcaster is receiving online threats after he tweeted out one of his articles it was about a television series involving the eating habits of ancient chinese royals china’s troll army is now harassing the journalist and threatening his family members with rape after he exposed china’s plans to use the controversy as propaganda here’s the complete story 24th of november 2020 ABC

journalist bank xiao put out this tweet a skit aiming to teach kids about what was eaten by royalty more than a thousand years ago in ancient china is causing controversy in australia’s chinese community some 10 hours later the journalist said he was receiving threats he put out

screenshots of tweets threatening his sister with rape his mother with rape then there were other tweets that were plain abusive who are these people and why are they harassing a journalist the answer lies some thousands of miles away from australia in beijing chinese president xi jinping and the chinese communist party are pretty much against any discussion that does not glorify them so when banksia

published an article about how controversy around the program aired in australia may be used as propaganda by china the ccp wanted to stir up the nationalistic sentiment of the chinese diaspora and use it as a diplomatic weapon a global times article spoke about how the television

series showed a white actress playing an ancient chinese empress and she’s seen eating insects rats jellyfish and hair the chinese mouthpiece noted that the airing quickly sparked outrage among the local chinese community on social media platforms many chinese australians posted

that it was a racist act that seriously stigmatized chinese people and demanded abc remove the program and apologize it went on to say that the incident also sparked an outcry from netizens in china beijing’s plan to stir up unrest fell flat when bank’s article exposed the possibility

of such a nefarious plan left with no option beijing’s stroll army started targeting the journalist had bank been in china the ccp would have probably gone beyond online harassment remember how journalist chen kushi disappeared after his reportage on the wuhan virus or how

chinese journalist frank bin was silenced 37 year old zhang zhan is facing five years in jail for reporting on the wuhan virus responding to the threats issued to bank one twitter user said the aim is to silence any discussion that is not approved by the ccp another user shared a similar

experience he had on vebo one twitter user even pointed out how all those threating the journalist seemed to be linked as if this was a

concerted campaign to silence critics china may try all at once to threaten journalists stir up unrest abroad or crush this end here’s one thing it should know the ccp’s playbook is out in the open and no one is falling for these chinese threats

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