Chicago stay-at-home advisory will go into effect on Monday

Chicago stay-at-home advisory will go into effect on Monday

Chicago stay-at-home advisory will go into effect on Monday

it may appear to be business as usual in downtown chicago but the city is about to undergo a tightening of restrictions although stopping short of a mandatory stay at home order the chicago mayor lori lightfoot issued a stay-at-home advisory it encourages residents not to leave their homes except to work attend school and shop for groceries those who do go out are encouraged to wear a mask at all times but lydford says those measures may still not be enough with a

mandatory order a potential next step if we continue on the path we’re on and you and me and others don’t step up and do more our estimates are that we could see a thousand more chicagoans die from this virus by the end of the year the illinois governor jb pritzker is also weighing further statewide lockdowns on friday illinois announced an additional 15 415 coronavirus cases a new record daily high for the state i am more worried about kovid right now than i have been at

any point since march and the next few months winter the flu and covered fatigue have the potential to truly create a catastrophe that could be avoided here chicago is imposing a new capacity limit of 10 people for meetings and social events that include weddings and funerals lytford is telling chicago residents they must now cancel normal thanksgiving

plans particularly if they include guests outside of the immediate household i think that it’s important to take precautions especially being in like such a big city and cases can spread so quickly i think an advisory is good because people will be able to get information about how to best be safe but i think that it’s up to people they’re what they’re comfortable with

and if they want to be with their families then i think that that should be okay although the restrictions stop short of a complete lockdown authorities hope the measures signal the seriousness of the situation record numbers are also being reported in neighboring states with wisconsin and indiana sounding alarms there is a sense here in the u.s midwest the fight against the pandemic is at a crucial stage

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