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Cardi B & Ariana Grande React To 2020 Election Results

Cardi B & Ariana Grande React To 2020 Election Results

cardi b and ariana grande react to the stress of the election justin bieber opens up about the stress of his career plus jaden smith reacts to his halloween costume backlash hey guys it’s ally for hollywoodlife with your pop star roundup and we’re starting this one with jayden smith recall we told you about kendall jenner’s massive Halloween birthday party that got a

ton of backlash well among the large list of a-list attendees Jaden smith also showed up and got dragged by fans for his oxygen masked costume fans were divided over whether he was dressed up as a covet patient or just the protagonist from the movie tenet well mr smith has broken his silence on the matter he posted a picture of the said protagonist with the

caption we live in a twilight world to Justin Bieber in his new youtube documentary jb opened up about the hate that he received early in his career Justin said there were so many people who were just mean random people saying you suck you look like a girl I would shake it off and act like it didn’t bother me but that stuff bothered me he continued by revealing

how suicidal it made him feel he said the pain was so consistent I was just suffering so I’m just like the man I would rather not feel this than feel this following that confession Justin revealed he could have avoided a lot of pain if he was more vocal about what he was going through he then passed that advice off to fans and said I just would encourage people like hey if

you’re feeling lonely talk about it say it out loud to Ariana grande now the singer recently spoke with zak sang about her new album and got a little into politics along the way for example ari spoke about her collaboration with headcount to help over 20 000 people get registered to vote at her concerts Ariana also opened up about how nervous she’s been about

the election and said how are we going to get this right for a country that is made up of so many diverse beautiful people if the whole is being run by straight white old men that’s not fair you know how will we get this right and speaking of election stress cardi b took to social media with a video of herself smoking three cigarettes at once as she spoke about watching the states turn red but alright guys hit the sub like and bell button for all the latest on your favorite celebs

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