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California Recall Offers Biden’s Political Influence Test | Nationwide

California Recall Offers Biden’s Political Influence Test | Nationwide

The California recall election places Joe Biden’s political influence to the test. After Democratic candidate Jerry Brown defeated former Governor, Ronald Reagan in 1975; many people were curious as to why he was chosen over someone like Robert Redford who wanted a chance at it too (The Associated Press). The choices for governor are now set and one of them is Lieutenant-Governor Cruz Bustamante which made this decision even more interesting because his African American heritage will also be something that not many Americans have seen before but has always been present throughout history (Rohter 2003 p 1A).

California’s gubernatorial recall vote next week offers U.S. Sen.-elect Joseph R. “Joe” Biden Jr., D-Delaware, an opportunity

California’s recall election is a political influence test for Joe Biden, President Obama and the Democratic Party. The state’s race has put California Democrats on notice: Gov. Gray Davis was recalled in 2003 after his approval rating dropped to 20% – that means any Democrat could be vulnerable there next year if they can’t figure out how to run against Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tom McClintock, two of them Republican candidates vying for governor this November 19th

California’s gubernatorial recall offers Vice President Joe Biden an opportunity as he weighs whether to launch a presidential bid in 2016 but it will also serve as a political influence test not only for him but also Barack Obama and the entire Democratic party going forward into mid-term elections

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