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Britt Ekland slams James Bond dad plans

Britt Ekland slams James Bond dad plans

Britt Ekland slam James Bond dad plans. Britain’s favourite daughter, Britt Ekland has harsh words for a character in the new movie “Spectre.” He was portrayed by Christoph Waltz who many fans think should have been given more screen time than him and his portrayal left much to be desired with viewers as well considering he didn’t even die at least according what we were led into believing going into this film!

What’s the best way to get back at your dad? Make him look stupid… or is that what happened with Britt Ekland and James Bond?! The Swedish actress, who starred opposite Sean Connery in Dr. No (1962) claimed her on-screen Goldfinger nemesis never got over being rejected by this “babe magnet.”
Gonna have himself a little pity party while he watches his latest girlie film where all those sexy girls are running around naked. Typical guy response

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