Brie Larson Recalls Low Point In Audition Rejections

Brie Larson Recalls Low Point In Audition Rejections

Brie Larson Recalls Low Point In Audition Rejections

you’ve said before you don’t you didn’t always feel comfortable out there i just felt like i wasn’t like pretty enough to be an actor i just didn’t feel like i knew how to be glamorous or how to stand up straight or embody myself bree told me she credits time and talk therapy for the self-confidence she gained ahead of her role as marvel’s leading lady by the time it was the captain marvel press tour i felt like i was able to stand strong and tall and understand that i can feel great going

through a glamorous process of hair and makeup and i can also feel really great with just bare face what is true beauty there is no truer beauty than the one that shines from within as the global muse for decorte beauty and the face of their new fragrance collection brie achieves her fresh-faced glow with the brand’s line of hydrating products which have

become an important step in her self-care routine i’ve gotten really into rubbing the moisturizer between my hands and just like taking a deep breath in before applying it to my face now it’s like i’m taking the time to really slow down and

connect and it’s how i’m winding down hi i’m brie larson oh god brees also switching things up with her very own youtube channel where she gets candid about rejection and the countless roles she missed out on early on in her career get him to

the greek iron man 2 the descendants was there ever a role where you said what i have hundreds thousands of like again i was going on multiple auditions a day and i was getting none of them for me like united states of tara when i first didn’t get it i was like shaken to my core i took a break for a couple months actually afterwards because i was like i’m this hurts

too much for bree perseverance was key she eventually did earn a role on the show and says she learned a lot about herself in the process i started to get deeper in my understanding of why i wanted to be an actor i was like okay so it can’t be for wanting attention or wanting praise because i’m not getting that

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