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Brian May wants to make instrumental album

Brian May wants to make instrumental album

Brian May has revealed that he is in the process of making an instrumental album. The guitarist said it will be his first and only one, but fans shouldn’t worry because there are plenty more instrumentals coming from him as well!
The rocker made headlines last month when he posted this photo on Instagram with a quote by Albert Einstein written across it: “In prohibitionisted nations music speaks louder than words.” It seems like Maysaid what we all needed toof

Brian May, the guitarist and singer for Queen has announced that he will be releasing an instrumental album. The British rocker revealed this news in a recent interview with Q TV where they discussed his musical output since retiring from full time touring some years ago.”
The release of such as project seems like it could have been timed to coincide nicely with what’s usually considered summer music season here on US soil–but then again you never know! We’ll just wait until September when we can get our hands (and ears) on whatever instrumentals Brian pulls out next,” commented one fan via Twitter after hearing about Brians plans

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