Breaking News  Al Qaeda Chief Ayman Al Zawahiri Dies In Afghanistan Arab Media Claims

Breaking News  Al Qaeda Chief Ayman Al Zawahiri Dies In Afghanistan Arab Media Claims

Breaking News  Al Qaeda Chief Ayman Al Zawahiri Dies In Afghanistan Arab Media Claims


some breaking news coming in according to arab news reports the chief of al-qaeda ahman al-zawahiri has died in afghanistan the 69-year-old egyptian national who was hitting al-qaeda has reportedly died of natural causes al zahiri was the leader of the terrorist group al-qaeda since 2011 succeeding osama bin laden at least two senior officials who were next in line to replace him were also recently killed that is hamza bin laden the son of former al-qaeda leader osama bin laden and abu mohammad al-mazri who was killed in iran this year as per arab news

the al-qaeda chief al-zawahiri died due to natural causes the unnamed sources from afghanistan and pakistan have confirmed the same diplomatic correspondent from israel can tv joins us live from jerusalem for more on this take us through the latest details you have and what this ultimately means then for al-qaeda so first of all we need to say this the rumor that he has died is being speculated uh uh for several

times now it’s not uh uh something that has come as a surprise just report that he has died uh in afghanistan that i’m here really are the main leaders of al-qaeda let’s say even you can call him the spiritual guidance of this uh terror organization really back coming back 20 25 years ago even more than that he’s one of the really the spiritual leaders of this uh um of this terror organization he really talked about uh how gave

orders how to produce terror terror bombings gave islamic a spiritual guidance to those who acted who wanted to act and do a conductor bombing so this reported he’s died um again it’s something that has been rumored for recent months and we still haven’t seen yet official proof that he’s really uh died so this is another report that he’s not alive but still we’re waiting for an official let’s say official statement maybe from uh uh the group itself about it because we haven’t yet seen any uh um that the group is not saying at this point anything about his death

and i must say this is going to be a big blow for or al-qaeda because even in recent years um as much as we can talk regarding terror organization and this issue al-qaeda you know al-qaeda was less let’s say popular when it came to terror bombings we hear more isis we hear all suicide bombers that pledge allegiance to to isis al-qaeda was a bit on the side and what happened in recent years really that this uh uh she this is an organization that did acted in several parts of the world but again it was less highlighted we didn’t see for example a bombing in

europe or a terror terror activity in europe that someone said i pledge allegiance to al qaeda now so this is a major blow to this organization that might now even go further beneath the ground more than she is right now right amica i think let’s leave it there thank you very much for

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