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Boney Kapoor family receive Golden Visa for UAE

Boney Kapoor family receive Golden Visa for UAE

It is a great news for Boney Kapoor family that they have been awarded the Golden Visa of UAE. The Khan Family has always tried to be entrepreneurs and this award shows just how high their standards are when it comes down business opportunities in one particular country!

It’s not everyday you hear someone say, “we received our visa!” It takes hard work from many different members within an organization but we’re proud as punch because now all those hours put into proving ourselves will finally pay off.”

The family of Boney Kapoor received the Golden Visa for UAE, which is one of many prestigious immigration benefits available to individuals and families.
-The country has a long history with India’s ancient civilization so it’s only natural that they would be interested in preserving its culture through this program The United Arab Emirates was developed as an international business hub during colonial times when people likemoil british colonized some parts while other natives occupied others; nowadays though things have changed drastically


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