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Binghiman Mikal Asher tells his journey in ‘Unchained’

Binghiman Mikal Asher tells his journey in ‘Unchained’

Binghiman Mikal Asher’s journey of life is beautifully told in his book, Unchained. The story begins with him born into a poor African American family and follows his path to becoming an affluent Caucasian male through the help of Dave Ramsey who taught him about money management when he was only sixteen years old. He tells us how this change affected not just himself but also everyone else around him—his parents began saving for their retirement, even quitting smoking; it changed the rest of their lives too!

Binghiman Mikal Asher’s Journey from poverty to success is beautifuly narrated by ‘Unchained’. It starts with telling that Binghimam was born into a poor Afrcan-American family then describes

Growing up in Philadelphia, Binghiman Mikal Asher was surrounded by drugs and violence. He tells his story of how he got caught up with the wrong crowd as a teenager, spiraling out of control into drug addiction before getting arrested for selling heroin at 17 years old. After several stints in prison over seven years, including one where he became gang leader due to strong will power despite being incarcerated with people who wanted him dead most days; eventually turning himself around through reading books like ‘The Alchemist’ which gave him hope amidst terrible circumstances surrounding depression and despair after losing loved ones during this time period


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