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Bill Maher rails against NFL over Black national anthem: It’s ‘segregation’ ‘under a different name!’

Bill Maher rails against NFL over Black mnational anthe: It’s ‘segregation’ ‘under a different name!’

Bill Maher called the NFL’s new national anthem policy “racist” and said it is just another way to keep black people down. The comedian criticized players for not standing during ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ in protest, pointing out they are being segregated under a different name.”

Bill Maher rails against NFL for allegedly practicing segregation by forbidding Black players from standing during the national anthem. The comedian goes on to say that it’s “under a different name!”
The National Football League (NFL) has come under fire recently in regards to their policy regarding when and how much timeemia should be played before games, especially those involving black teams.” This week we witnessed an instance where Philadelphia Eagles’ safety Malcolm Jenkins actively protested police brutality not once but twice – first after President Trump said any player who refuses flops or takes off his helmet deserves scorn,” then again while singing along with others following Vice-President Mike Pence sitting out our own country song” as Americans

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