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Big changes coming to the NFL’s sports betting landscape this season

Big changes coming to the NFL’s sports betting landscape this season

The NFL season begins this weekend and it’s bringing major changes to the league’s landscape when it comes to sports betting.

In a significant shift from how things have been done in recent years, players will be allowed on social media during games with one big caveat: they’re not supposed to discuss anything related directly or indirectly about football gambling markets. In other words — don’t talk politics either! It used to be that players were silenced entirely by commissioner Roger Goodell for any mention of gambling-related topics but now he has decided there is no need for such draconian measures anymore.

The National Football League is making a lot of changes to their sports betting landscape. If you have been watching the NFL for years, then there are some things that will look very different this year and it has nothing to do with who won or lost any games (although those results also matter).

The first thing that fans may notice as they enter stadiums during football season is new signage throughout the venues including branding on scoreboards showing off league-approved odds at various Las Vegas casinos. This change came about after last May’s Supreme Court victory which struck down PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) allowing states across America like New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi and West Virginia among others to offer legal wagering opportunities within their borders.

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