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Biden WH Chief of Staff pick pushed for recount in 2000 election

Biden WH Chief of Staff pick pushed for recount in 2000 election

meantime as president-elect Joe Biden puts together his team one of his coronavirus task force members is suggesting a four to six week nationwide lockdown could bring the virus under control peter ducey live for us in wilmington delaware peter what else are you hearing from the Biden camp on this good morning good morning trace the president-elect has

been saying he would like to fire donald trump and hire anthony fauci but because the transition hasn’t officially started and fauci works for the u.s government the transition team cannot officially communicate with dr fauci so we’re just listening to what fauci says now and he says that he would try to avoid that kind of a lockdown i don’t know we would like

to stay away from that robin because there is no appetite for locking down uh on the american public but i believe that we can do it without a lockdown i really do i mean sometimes when people talk about the measures that i’m suggesting we double down on they equivocate that and say that well that that makes that not a lockdown and the transition team is also

telling us they believe there are additional national security issues right now because the gsa refusing to ascertain biden 1 so the formal transition can begin could further delay the appointment of national security officials the same way it did in

2000 after a contested election then which officials reflected on as being a major problem after 9 11. trace and peter the white house president-elect joe biden has picked a longtime adviser ron klain as white house chief of staff what do we know about his credentials trace we spot ron klayne pretty much everywhere that joe biden is either going in right before

or leaving right after claine is 59 years old he’s imposar and now biden says this ron has been invaluable to me over the many years that we’ve worked together including as we rescued the american economy from one of the worst downturns in our history in 2009 and later overcame a daunting public health emergency in 2014. progressives like elizabeth warren

and bernie sanders are both applauding this move although it is worth pointing out that warren and sanders are both reportedly angling for jobs in a biden administration as for today the president-elect has no events on his public schedule yet trace peter ducey live in wilmington peter thank you for more on all this let’s bring in byron york chief political correspondent for the washington examiner and a fox news contributor byron good morning to you i’ll get your broad

take on ron claim being chosen as chief of staff but first to sort of double standard or the hypocrisy that is being pointed out when you look back at ron clain in 2000 arguing that al gore would have won florida in a full recount here’s that moment watch we believe that the progress made in the count thus far indicated that we were clearly on a path for vice

president gore and senator Lieberman to make up the difference and to pull ahead had the count been fully completed he also called the election rigged back in 2014. isn’t this the same thing that Donald trump’s team is being criticized for in this moment very close to it and he said uh recently that he never got over this uh and besides just going back into history

as far as the 2000 recount is concerned he was wrong because the supreme court did put a stop uh to counting George w bush did win but then later a media consortium went through and did the whole recount that al gore would have wanted and found that George w bush won so it was a terribly close election a lot of bitter feelings on both sides apparently still

with ron klain but the fact is george w bush won as far as getting a look at what the Biden team might actually look like byron we know as peter Ducey just reported Elizabeth warren Bernie Sanders and others are angling for a position inside a biden white house but so far we know that he’s who he is trying to fill his trans transition team with a senior adviser to bernie sanders former chief of staff to elizabeth warren and last night Bernie sanders put out the indication he does

believe that joe biden will fulfill his promises to progressives watch this it means expanding health care to all americans it means lowering the medicare age from 65 to 60 means raising the minimum wage to at least 15 bucks an hour it means making it easier for workers uh to form unions equal pay for equal work investing two trillion dollars in combating

climate change would i have gone further yes are those significant proposals that will protect the needs of working families yes they are so byron what can be concluded so far with how we see him filling his team well we are seeing the division inside the democratic party in real time become the division inside the incoming biden administration ron klain

is from the clinton gore biden wing of the democratic party but back in the 90s you could call moderate although the entire democratic party has changed since then and they’ve changed with it but they were still from what you would call the moderate wing now we have the incredible power of progressives inside the democratic party two heroes being bernie

Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and they’re going to get their way in some key things remember there was something called the Biden sanders unity task force and that was created after joe Biden beat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary and Biden essentially signed on to a lot of democratic of sanders measures and you just heard Bernie sanders recite a number of those he is going to expect action and he has a lot of support inside the democratic party to pressure a President Biden

to do it very interesting analysis and byron york if i could circle back to our initial topic on the president’s continued fight for the white house mounting additional legal battles your brand new piece this morning you’re saying it’s all over but the lawsuits based on what you are seeing so far you have come to the conclusion that nothing filed any challenge so

far appears likely to overturn the results in any state final thoughts on that byron well at the moment we see joe Biden leads of between 10 and a hundred and forty-eight thousand in states uh like Arizona Georgia Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin uh and uh trump would need to overturn those leads in three of those states assuming he wins North Carolina

which i think he will he needs Arizona then he needs Pennsylvania then he needs Georgia or he needs some combination of those he can’t just turn over one state and win has to be three of them and if you look at state recounts in the past statewide recounts they have overturned elections that were decided by hundreds of votes not tens of thousands of votes byron always good to talk to you thank you very much for all that

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