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Biden team says Georgia rally was largest event since returning to campaign trail

Biden team says Georgia rally was largest event since returning to campaign trail

Biden is campaigning in Georgia today hoping to flip that state that has largely voted republican since 1972 with the exception of carter and bill Clinton so Biden is down by about four according to RCP in Georgia right now the former vice president has had to clean up a number of statements in the recent days on transitioning away from oil fracking and the latest a big error on what he said his free college plan would cost correspondent Jackie Heinrich covering the Biden campaign as always today and she is in Atlanta tonight hi Jackie hey Martha the campaign says 290 cars were allowed in

with the attendance around 870 people making this the largest of the former VP’s event since he’s gotten back on the trail even bigger than the DNC and it’s happening in a reliably red state long considered out of reach to the democrats George as you mentioned hasn’t elected a democratic president since 1992 and the campaign though believes that this state is competitive and it could become part of the path to 270. the local activists out here really laid the groundwork after a series of narrow losses in 2017 and 2018 including stacey abrams who lost the governor’s race by about 55 thousand votes tonight’s event also included both democratic senate candidates trying to flip seats held by republican incumbents georgia is already seeing record early voting turnout and with the highest percentage of black voters in any battleground state the final push for the biden campaign includes an ad blitz and visits from both members of the ticket and their spouses there aren’t a lot of pundits who would have guessed four years ago that the democratic candidate for president

of 2020 would be campaigning in georgia on the final week of the election but we do because something’s happening here in georgia and across america [Applause] biden focused on social and economic justice here but spent the last few days clarifying his climate and energy policy after his debate night pledged to transition away from fossil fuels he made two stops in pennsylvania on saturday then he went back again yesterday reiterating that he doesn’t want to shut down oil fields or eliminate fracking but a few stumbles this weekend are also creating some hiccups in a podcast biden referred to his campaign’s election protection program as an extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization and the campaign had to correct this statement on 60 minutes i can send every single qualified person to a four-year college in their state for 150

billion I can make sure every single person qualifies for community college can go and we still have a lot of money left over after our interview Mr Biden’s staff told us he misspoke and that the cost of free public college could be twice as much as he said there was a small group of about 50 trump supporters protesting outside the gate here but I would note it was you know fewer than I’ve seen in places like Pennsylvania and that’s significant given that we are in Georgia today Martha absolutely Jackie thank you very much Jackie Heinrich

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