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Biden team floats idea of 6-week lockdown

Biden team floats idea of 6-week lockdown

He is saying that he is feeling fine. Katie, all of this comes at a time when the nation’s numbers are so huge. You mentioned the nearly 1900 total for just yesterday of people who passed away. These are people that we are losing. This feels like it did almost in the beginning. It feels like what they told us to expect. You see governors talking about masks. Here in new jersey they are. This is a separate conversation to people than politics. You know politics invades everything.

Yes. The virus invades everything. Emily, government officials are trying to make these decisions about lockdowns. We know now a lot more about the consequences of lockdowns. Consequences of lockdowns. Missed medical appointments

and suicide are up, veteran suicides are up with isolation of this disease. Where are we going back to lockdowns balancing the consequences of keeping people from working?  That’s right. That’s why this is so heart breaking. There is a failure in my opinion to capture and weigh in an equal manner all of the other effects happening that are heart breaking. The

notion of a second economic lockdown is frankly terrifying to me. Just to focus on economics for a quick moment. Over 90% of businesses in this country are small and media sized. Over 100,000 shuttered permanently because of the first covid-19 lockdown and 1 in 5 business owners estimate they won’t make it to the end of the year. That’s without a second

lockdown. We spoke in the last block about african-americans. They are affected as active black owned small businesses were down 41% in the first lockdown. These are real statistics that have consequences for people’s livelihoods and putting food on the table. I speak for my own family. We lived payroll to payroll with our small businesses. The other ones didn’t survive

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