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Biden holds drive in campaign event in Florida

Biden holds drive-in campaign event in Florida

thank you all so much for being here. i tell you what i do miss the opportunity to just wander around and check catalonia or we decided awhile ago. that we were going to try to be responsible and not be a- badges i won’t get into it would just be responsible. and so thank you for wearing your mask thank you for social distancing at thank you for being here. ladies and gentleman now i am for sure sure thank you so much for being here today for sure and- your memory walking. folks are. i don’t amaze to lose a child many of you do as well. and i don’t matter how no matter how often about how long it will gardner curtain. every time you stand up and you want to talk about. your son or daughter if

you lost it brings back the memories is if it happens ten minutes ago. takes a lot of courage. to stand up and talk. and it’s like yeah you feel like you have a- black hold ripped in the middle of your chest in your brain sucked into it. but you know three or courage. the courage of the parkland travelers. like my friend cory ex and then. and mom debbie. other top. thank and other students led the march for our lives the gay gone out already and when we’re gonna help was all all turned tragedy into purpose one of you for your- thank you for your resolve well thank all the speakers one ahead of me

including the nba stars joining us today you know i tell you what. the miami he ever heard of miami heat. one allowed to say nice things about them he did not come from citrus country out apologize for that. but i want. the main to the finals all. written toughness and karl anthony towns carl as he knows will fly. to deal with this. carl’s dad her mom back in april. and a lot of these families have to lose anybody. matt barnes thank you very much for being here. as well as my friends conference at george thank you for the past four ten in your district i appreciate it. debbie wasserman schultz. we got a senate vote back the house representatives were going to increase the number in the house of representatives. five days left folks. americans already no worker blow five end of the week end i believe would use your power the power to vote

you’re gonna change the course of this country for generations that problem at home and abroad this election is the most important one you’ve ever voted what is your first or tenth. ladies and gentleman. the hardest all this country’s of state. right here in florida you got to you you hold the key to florida goes blowing it’s over it’s over. look. thanks very say this a long time. wall street see did bill this country people stand out here and- automobiles are the ones that built this country the middle class built this country and use both the middle class you’re wondering save the country now that you’re bill that. his final days keep that sense of empowerment review expense of optimism what we can do what we will over come. i never been more. about america the american people and today. i don’t third where do you ninety is country and show

the world who we really are. i know it’s hard. all these past few months amid so much pain. so much suffering so much loss. over two hundred and twenty five thousand dead americans because of the negligence. and the consequence of covid more than sixteen thousand here in florida alone. as i said in april grounds- lost his mom. the people out there are out of work. on the edge can’t see the light at the end of the donald donald trump has given up. over the weekend. is white house chief of staff said not quote. we’re not going to control this pandemic. the debate last week donald trump he said were rounding a corner it’s going away we’re learning how to live with it no he expects us learn how to bear with it that’s what i told he’s doing nothing. we’re learning to die within donald trump is waved the white flag. in our families and

surrendered to the virus. but the american people don’t give up. we don’t get. now we surely don’t cower nor well under any circumstances. president trump’s super spreader eventually spreading more virus around the country and here in florida thank you spreader division in addition. to this court. we need a president brothers together. also part. i put in place a plan to deal with this back democrat boxing already done it bring this country together around testing tracy the masking. it’s estimated. i believe doctors america looting trabzon director of the cdc and dr five she- they call for mass

mandate last would you would wore masks over the next few months we could save one hundred thousand projected deaths one hundred thousand lives. expected another two hundred thousand people. right now at the end of this year if we do nothing. this is not a political statement. it’s a patriotic duty for god’s sake. but still trump refuses illicit of the science. every should be politicizing the restaurant actually neither we should be planning it’s safe when i go to all and free distribution. provided the funding for pp the basket everything we need to protect ourselves. senator national standard first calls businesses were reopening. bring together republicans and democrats deliver the economic relief

that’s already been passed in the house of representatives for working families we on the floor first goals for businesses allowing you to stare at her home but they don’t want to rent a long to stay in your home twenty million people are in a- lucy. their home for next month mortgage. i said it before. i’m not going to shut down the economy. i’m not going to shut down the country but i’m going to shut down the virus. well. when can i left office we left our drop a strong. stronger than the one he handled and like just like everything in. aide now we squandered that a co. wake up back and we can do back within a common either began zero work not wealth. we do without raising taxes out of sync person megan was set for thousand bucks a year. i promise you that my words but even four hundred thousand dollars. and above you’re gonna start paying your fair share. ladies and gentleman. all the grass the wealthiest among us in the major corporations. this

began to pay their fair share. ninety one of the fortune five hundred companies pay zero in taxes after very baggy billions of dollars. that’s the bare minimum zacks let’s look why should a firefighter uneducated. why should a nurse at higher tax rate than the super wealthy why should you pay more taxes there donald trump pains. that’s a fax seven hundred fifty dollars. remember what he said when i was ready while ago. because smart. i’m how to game the system he gerry this is your express. james is very expensive work american. we’re going to never tax relief working families in the middle. your help people by their for home for the health care. for childcare to care for the a loved one we’re gonna make sure you go

out your debt as well. we get more help to raise. that we do college. look trump got the supreme court judge back. endeavor one raises. to try to destroy the for care act again said she got involved. in metro thru in the republic trying locate a chart. try to get rid of the affordable act. but they get their way this time one hundred americans. will lose their protection for existing. you have asthma diabetes pre existing condition. thank your chargers much you can afford anything. including eight point four million floridians who have pre existing conditions are not covered. complications heart’s garden lawns garden heart disease they’re gonna become prison conditions already sure to jack up your premiums about your coverage. and most people don’t remember particular young people women again be able to charge more for

health care just because they’re a woman. donald trump thinks health care is a privilege. i think it’s a right of every american home. get out the vote. well not only restore a bomb a terrorist it i. biden plans gonna sure if you have insurance you want to keep it you can keep it going to be with your option under my plan and a medicare like after the public option we’re increase subsidies for lower premiums and deductibles. out of pocket spending rigorous and we are going to reduce prescription drug prices experts acknowledge 560% what’s we’re gonna make sure we keep three conditions a protections for people with those conditions we’re gonna protect social security medicare. meanwhile the

social security actuary says the planned the trump says he wants the institute if he’s reelected. would bankrupt security by the year twenty twenty three. there’s a gentleman. people paid that for tire careers. goldman tell that your parents or grandparents it will not happen on biden watch. well. we did a vote. the legacy ever greater gainsbourg hear throw. the courage convection a moral clarity can change the world. without being vicious in maine. she justice glare disagreed and everything but they were friends. i disagree we got to get back to that welcome to become so ugly and mean to disrupt. but we can be the voices for justice in our day. we have to make our voices heard you have to vote you got to go because well donald trump fails again jam white supremacy we can deliver on racial justice. donald trump. where’s your systemic rate as a problem. he won’t even say black lives matter or you know black lives matter total. that’s why this season a

protesters broken out all across the nation. where protesters is not burning is not including is not violence and must never be tolerated it won’t but these protesters. arkwright’s for justice for communities long long had didn’t even justice on their neck. the name george florida brianna taylor jacob like about all the crap they’re not sure i’m going to be forgotten not by me not by us and not by this country. what inspired a new wave of justice in america but you’re justice. is also about economic justice. justice is not the- house access to cash. good paying jobs. and by the way was long overdue. the minimum wage in america is fifteen dollars an hour. by the way. why economic plan has been idolized weather guys on wall street no thanks very i said my plan will create eighteen point six million good paying jobs seven million more

than he’s gonna be able to great if you got a liked it. at a trillion dollar more economic. what is forgotten. we all do better everybody better everybody does better there’s not a zero sum game it’s about financial stability. beginning families of color a real shock to own a home. to start a business to send a child to college debt free so i can build wealth pass an opportunity down through generations out of every white family that came from my background got it. ready to get a house building equity pass it on to grow it. that’s we’re gonna do. we have to vote. sure the full promise in this country. we have to vote for new cuba policy as well this administration approach isn’t working she was no closer to freedom in the box today that was four years ago. in fact there are more political prisoners and secret police are as brutal as ever and russia once again as a major presence in nevada so what. forest policy. president trump candid best markers in human rights for the cuban people but the venezuelan people. for that matter. when he has embraced so many autocrats around

the world. started vladimir putin kim jong un of north korea. what is the worst possible standard bearer for democracy in places like cuba venezuela. north korea for mark tara career. i stood for democracy human rights for freedom of the press assembly freedom of religion and against dictators whether left or right. well. it’s not conscionable at the top administration’s care so much or to put hundreds of cubans venezuela back thirty k. judge blocked talk. but it can about your biden people. he wanted a grand temporary protected status for venezuelans fleeing the oppressive regime a girl who i met with and he’s a thug. folks are well. but we have to vote. it finally got the vote to meet the challenge of a climate crisis. this guy doesn’t understand much of anything. you’ve all seen the impact for the most devastating hurricanes that lay waste a whole communities. economic toll is astounding. it grows every year you majola is worse lost lives lost home

small businesses shattered first responders put to rest. we talk about global warming donald trump thanks hoax. well that he says we should by the way do you know this is the guy who is the stable genius. remember is the guy that said our problem in the revolutionary war and we didn’t have enough airports. god’s truth. is also the guy we talked about how many. bad hurricanes are coming across the warm waters of the atlantic africa he said maybe we should. give them. and also by the way you know. you know windmills cause cancer according to him. look what’s this guy talking about. we know that we’ve got to do something about it. combating climate change means jobs. we cannot reach the american ingenuity about a fraction to build a stronger for climate resistant nation creating millions of high paying jobs. we can

change the password wrong. what we’ve got back now. this country can’t afford to wait four more years of donald trump’s the nile. who thinks the only responsible. only responsible to the people who voted for him. i don’t see the presidency that way. i don’t see the president is that way two thousand and eight two thousand twelve. florida plays their trust in me act barack. it is day were in office we worked as hard for you an entire country as we did not red states blue states. it was always the united states of america. woakes marjorie minded about earlier this month when i visited the sacred rounds of gettysburg. abraham lincoln taught us that we do not on a- but a house divided cannot stand. that’s reminded of early this week when i went to warm springs georgia reflected on fdr taught us about the need to heal the nation. i’m not is a proud

democrat. well governed as an american president to unite act to hail. all workers hard for those who didn’t support results to do that’s the job of the president a duty of care you cared for everyone. and you know to have a sacred duty if i may say and asked to vote. that matters florida matters. these final days staying power step the mistake. stay united. make a plan to vote and help get out the vote visit i will vote dot com slash nfl. return your ballot today. if you haven’t done it so far for your get to vote early in person. through november first. but you’ve got to get out and vote. and make sure everyone you know vote. as well. fox there’s nothing we cannot do. from reading the nra the restoring rationality in the climate. i never get a president kennedy said when he promised to send us the loan is paid she said we’re doing it

because we refuse to postpone. that’s what americans do refuses to postpone what is needed i refused both phone will work america must do now there’s nothing there’s not i pirveli there’s nothing beyond the capacity nine states in america there’s no limit to america’s future we’re the only country. that a crisis we’ve inherited we provide amid stronger number one. because this is united states of america and the only good tears apart is. america itself. a press like trump. presidential your fear press reports and everything far. personal knows the only way the only way to win we divides us on race nationale not origin gender. look everybody knows who donald trump is. we got show who we are article today to

press. i want to read a quote from it says never before in modern presidential politics as a candidate been so reliant. on large scale efforts to depress the boat then trump. he knows the boat he can wear. why do you think this record so much time. black folks and brown folks for folks from being able to vote why make it is so hard. because he knows. one american world’s. they reject people him. wait well over. we choose unity over division. i wagers science fracture. yes richard true over lives. it’s time to stand up take back our democracy we can do this we can be better than what we bad. we can be who we are at our best as i said the united states of america there’s nothing beyond our capacity i promise you i promise you i promise you if you like me. when i’m wrong our knowledge it up take responsibility but i tell you what i’m going to unite this country we’re gonna move like we have in a long. time god bless you all. god protect george. thank you thank you

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