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Biden holds campaign event in Wisconsin

Biden holds campaign event in Wisconsin

i’ll tell you what they told me it’s going to be indoors you’re a hearty bunch of milwaukee sheriff how are you doing look terrance thank you thank you for sharing your story thank you for exercising your power as a young voter first time you’re an inspiration man and uh i want you to know that uh a lot of us in here growing up as kids understood what it was like to be uh to uh no bullies i uh i hadn’t planned on saying this in light of what you just your introduction sheriff and tom’s heard me say this before the mayor when i was a kid i used to stutter you want to learn what bullies are like be a stuttering kid to talk to talk like that everybody thinks they can make fun of you so i’m used to bullies matter of fact i used to have a nickname in school tom they used to call me shoe leather the reason they called me shoelace that was a little runt but you could beat me but i’d hurt you like pound them in a shoe leather but i tell you what i think you had a great

metaphor about what’s going on here you’re making your family really proud and joanne i want to thank you for all you do to lift up this community bringing pride and dignity and jobs in milwaukee my dad used to have an expression he’s he lost his job in scranton pennsylvania when i was a kid and we uh he took us to my grandpop’s my mom’s dad my grandmom was passed and so we said you’re going to live here for about a year i’m going to commute every day from scranton pennsylvania down to wilmington delaware where there’s jobs joey and when we get it when i get one i’ll be back

for you and you mom and your brother and uh sister my sister’s with me today too where’s my sister valerie she’s my best friend in the world anyway val and uh and he said it’s only 157 miles away wilmington delaware you come home every weekend and when he got when we got down to wilmington he finally got a job that we could bring us down and be able to rent an apartment he used to always have an expression sheriff he’d say you know joe your job’s about a lot more than a paycheck it’s about your dignity it’s about respect it’s about your place in the community it’s about being able to look

your kid in the eye and say honey it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay as gwen knows there’s not an awful lot of people out there right now a lot of hard-working people who can’t say it’s going to be okay they’re in trouble statistics show for example that over 50 of the american people think actually it’s 49 to be precise got a bill for 400 bucks in one month they didn’t anticipate they’d have to borrow the money or sell something so a lot of people were still hurting and gwen let’s send her back because i tell you what she is a voice from milwaukee a voice for the country and i’m sure glad you’re on my

side kid i’m sure glad you’re on my side because i’m on yours i want to thank you all for welcoming me today tom you’ve been a good friend for a long time thank you pal tom uh tom endorsed me when uh they said joe who’s running for what anyway but thank you tom and sheriff sheriff lucas and sheriff mahoney and ambassador joan prince i want to thank you all for being here there you are okay and look it’s great to be back with you folks there’s only four days left millions of americans have already voted they tell me now it’s up to about 85 million americans have already voted and millions more are going to vote before this election is over and i believe when you use your power the power to vote you can change the course of the country and quite frankly right now the course of the world because it’s leaderless now we’re going to start right here in wisconsin tom remembers i came up here campaigning for hillary and uh for a whole lot of

reasons not all which were her fault he ended up not taking it as seriously we thought it was different i’ve been here a lot and by the way when i get elected if i get elected i’m coming back tom look in these final days you got to we got to keep our sense of empowerment here a sense of optimism what we can do together but i know it’s hard more than 225 000 people i think it’s 229 as i speak have already lost their lives to cover 19. 2 000 here in wisconsin 600 here in milwaukee county each one memorialized by an empty chair this morning at breakfast or tonight at dinner an empty chair macarthur square and now folks are getting hit by a new big wave of infections across the country this week wisconsin like other states set a new record for daily cases hospitals are running short on beds we just had to open a field hospital that’s what we’re facing we’ve now hit nine million cases in the united states of america we make up four percent of the world’s population we have 20 percent of the world’s deaths 9 million new cases nationwide another tragic milestone millions of people out of work on the edge and they can’t see the light they’re not sure how dark it’s going to remain

wisconsin is down 20 000 manufacturing jobs even since this pandemic began and the thing that bothers me the most was a president who gave up over the weekend his chief of staff said what we knew quote we’re not going to control the pandemic end of quote we’re not going to control the pandemic yet last week when i debated the president he said quote we’re rounding the corner it’s going away we’re learning to live with it you may remember what i said it may have been

viewed as harsh by some i told them we’re not learning to live with it you’re asking us to learn and to die with it because people continue to die it’s estimated that over 200 000 more people will die between now and the end of the year by the leading experts who haven’t been wrong yet you know did you hear what he said today he said today at a rally that our

doctors are the problem because they’re putting their lives on the line busted the next he said they’re making up deaths from coba 19 because they get more money they’re making up deaths people aren’t really dying from covert they’re dying for other things but they’re saying it’s covered to make the numbers go up my lord by the way is monica why don’t we here monica is an icu nurse i spent some time with monica on the phone and and her two kids and monica told me what my son-in-law was a doc in philly told me and this all began while we were waiting for ppp the mask and the gowns and all the gear so many ducks so many nurses so many first responders after they took did their job were afraid to go home

because they’d take it home the virus home of their children monica told me how her husband would wait in the garage so she could change and put on a bathroom before she ruined the house and shower so many people over a thousand monicas have given their lives trying to savor their lives and this guy says that they’re raking it up because they want to make more money doctors and nurses go today go go to work every single day donald trump should stop attacking him and start doing his job this is the same man who told us when we were told what he was told about four weeks ago three four weeks ago that we were losing a thousand lives a day remember what he said he said it is what it is isn’t that useful it

is what it is well it is what it is because he is who he is that’s the problem donald trump waved the white flag surrendered to the virus but the american people don’t give up we don’t give in unlike donald trump we’re not going to surrender to this virus we’re simply not going to surrender look i put in place a plan with this pandemic responsibly i set it out back in may and then again in june and in july the way we can bring this country together around testing tracing masking it’s

estimated that by leading doctors in america if we just wore these masks for the remainder of this calendar year we could save up another hundred thousand lives dr fauci who’s been not treated very well by the president who’s been with three other presidents in the same role one most respected guys in the world he’s called for a mask mandate this isn’t a political statement of us wearing these masks for god’s sake it’s a patriotic duty the reason you’re wearing the mask is not to save yourself but to save your neighbor the person across from you the person who you’re next to but still donald trump refuses to listen to the science he’s politicized the race for vaccine as well instead of planning for its safe equitable and free distribution what’s he doing he’s talking about things that are just not even the realm of possibility we’ll have this by september we’ll have a bite that goes on look folks he refused to bring leaders by the way both parties together you know

the house of representatives gwen can tell you has already passed three major pieces of legislation two cares act and then the heroes act provides all the money that is necessary to safely open schools and businesses and do it in a way that they can stay open but it costs money look at all the people who’ve gone out of business all the small businesses we know how to open business we know what to do it safely but it costs to open our schools nationwide it’s estimated it will cost 200 billion dollars to do it safely to provide everybody with the ppe private everybody change the ventilation systems make sure you have you have separators make sure you’re in a position where we have the sanitary conditions that are wiped

down smaller classes more teachers but what do we do the money’s already been there they’ve already passed it what’s happened president hasn’t got out of his golf bunker and his golf course in the summer or the bunker in the white house since then to bring people together look find anybody or republican who served in the congress the senate the house ask them can they ever remember a time when there’s been a national crisis and this is a national crisis that the president hasn’t brought them all together and said we’re staying here till we fix this we’re going to work it out he hadn’t even talked to you all look folks we’re going to bring the republicans and democrats together and deliver economic relief for working families in schools and businesses i promise you i know how to do this as i said before i’m not going to shut down the

economy i’m going to shut down the virus donald donald trump inherited a strong iconic from barack and me but he squandered that economy just like he squandered everything he’s inherited frankly i’ve dealt with guys like trump my whole life guys who think they’re better than you because they have a lot of money look down on you because they live in a better home but tell you what we understand we understand how this works folks the people who built this country weren’t wall street and investment bankers and ceos they’re hard-working americans middle-class folks working-class folks they’ve built the middle class and unions built the middle class look we know we know as gwen said we can build back better with an economy that rewards work not wealth right now it rewards wealth not work we can do without raising taxes on any working person middle class i give you my word as a biden if you make less than four hundred

thousand dollars if i’m elected president you’re not going to see a penny of your taxes go up not a penny he keeps lying about my plan but i tell you what i’m going to ask the wealthiest americans and the biggest corporations by the way 91 of the fortune 500 companies pay no tax at all zero zero tax they make billions of dollars folks it’s about time people start paying their fair share it’s not a punishment pay your fair share why should a firefighter why should a sheriff why should a cop why should an educator why should a nurse pay a higher tax rate which you do than they pay you do that that you pay a higher tax rate and by the way why should you pay more taxes than donald trump 750 bucks this guy loves talking about corruption i’ve released 22 years of my tax returns you can go online and see him well guess what he hadn’t

released one single year of his tax returns what the hell is he hiding what’s in there you know working families and middle class people you need help they need help particularly first-term home buyers be able to pay for health care premiums child care care if you’re aging loved ones just to get a new hot water i don’t know about you but the kitchen tables i was raised around you’re sitting there and i can hear my dad now well we can’t get those four new tires we have to ride on those ball tires a little while longer until we get by next month when that hot water heater goes out what are we going to do who’s going to tell her she can’t go back to the community college because of the money third of the conversation is taking place all across america today and what’s trump trying to do raise your cost the standard of living he’s going to be in the supreme court even if we win he’ll still be in the supreme court in nine days for 10 days asking the supreme court with their new justice who was put on the court for the purpose of destroying the affordable care act to rip it out rooting

branch eliminate it all if they get their way 100 million americans will lose protections for pre-existing conditions including 2.5 million wisconsinites 2.5 so if you have diabetes you’ve had cancer you’ve had breast cancer whatever it is whatever your big existing condition you won’t be able to afford it because they can jack up the price beyond your capacity women will once again once again be charged more for the same health care than a man is charged for just because they’re a woman people forget that that’s what it was before we passed the affordable care act look donald trump thinks health care is a privilege i think it’s a right people should have if we all get out and vote we’ll not only restore obamacare but we’ll strengthen and build on it so you can keep your private insurance or you can choose a medicare-like

option that will add to obamacare which we tried which we wanted to do the first time it could get the votes we’ll increase subsidies to lower your premiums and deductibles out-of-pocket spending and surprise billings and we will reduce the cost of prescriptions by 60 percent i’m not making that up that comes from saying we’re going to insist and we have the votes to do it in this next election that medicare can negotiate with the drug companies to say how much they’re going to willing to pay for whatever drug they have look folks we’re going to make sure we keep the protections for people with pre-existing conditions meanwhile social security the actuary of social security is said if donald trump gets reelected he says he’s going to change social security based on the change he wants to make the actuary at social security said social

security will be bankrupt by 2023. i’m not making this stuff up it’s real folks i’m going to protect social security medicare and medicaid and guess what he’s not going to be able to do it because we’re going to win this election [Applause] look let’s not forget how weak donald trump has been in chaotic he talks about trade policy my god what a disaster he’s been trump’s trade policy is decimated devastated the wisconsin dairy industry in 2017 to 2019 wisconsin lost 15 percent of its dairy farms and last year wisconsin lost more dairy farms than any state in the nation since the start of the trade war wisconsin is seeing mass layoffs surge by 25 percent the name before covert hit wisconsin saw big declines in manufacturing jobs after trump rolled out his irresponsible tax giveaways harley davidson slashed 800 manufacturing jobs repurchased almost 700 million dollars of his own stock so the corporate heads could get to make a lot more money

and none of it went to the employees and then shifted some of his production overseas so much for helping look my policies right now by the way the deficit with china is higher than it was in our administration look at the end of the trump tax loopholes that incentivized companies to ship jobs overseas these new these new laws you just got passed for real that’s ten percent i’m going to add a 10 cert tax to any company that ships jobs overseas and companies that invest in strengthening american manufacturing or bring jobs back home and offer a 10 tax credit and by the way the president united states awards over 600 billion dollars in contracts a year for our military for all the things we build federal buildings well it’s not a violation of any trade law no one’s done it but i promise you i’m going to do it not a single not a single solitary contract can be awarded unless all the products used by that contractor are made in america all of them right here in america and by the way when i talk about my economic plan it’s not some liberal think tank talks about how

good it is moody’s a wall street major firms pointed out after looking at my plan for economy and his that we will create 18.6 million jobs under the biden plan a trillion dollars more in gdp than trump folks look the fact is that we’re now in a situation where this president is in a position that he doesn’t know what he’s doing if you notice if you notice what donald trump has spent a lot of time doing he spent a lot of time rolling out irresponsible corporate tax cuts in the meantime do you realize that during this pandemic the billionaires in america billionaires they’re all listed have made over 300 billion dollars more 300 billion dollars more how about you guys y’all doing great right you got all that money look folks we’re in

a situation where the president now finds himself the thing that bothers me most about all he’s done is the way he talks about our military being suckers and losers yeah think about this a lot of you women and men served in the military a lot of wisconsinites served my son beau gave up the attorney general’s job in the state of delaware to volunteer to go to iraq for a year he won the bronze star the conspicuous service medal he came home with cancer after being near burn he came home anyway he was given months to live and guess what he wasn’t a loser he wasn’t a sucker he was a patriot just like

your sons and daughters your parents and grandparents look folks if you ever wonder you know trump keeps talking about how strong he is he’s strong and the other rest of the nations listen to him everybody’s afraid of them well let me tell you what he’s the first president i’m aware of in american history that six generals including his former chief of staff six of them left resigned and said he wasn’t fit to be commander in chief general stanley mcchrystal special operations commander command he’s the guy that oversaw the bin laden right bill mcgraven and 22 he saw the over he oversaw he he was the seal he headed up the seals and 22 four stars have endorsed me saying they trust me to be the next

commander-in-chief of the united states military folks it’s about respect it’s about support and that’s why the military times which his staff tried to wipe out military times just wrote an article saying more active duty troops support biden than trump so much for the guy who talks about what a tough guy is and why everybody listens to him look that’s why we have to support the military and we have to make sure we should considerably invest more which i can’t don’t take the time to talk to united about but invest significantly more in dealing with the veterans administration and while donald trump fails to condemn white supremacy we can vote to deliver racial justice folks a season of protest has broken out all over this nation and protesting is not burning and looting and violence and that must never be tolerated it won’t that’s

not protesting but those protests are cries for justice the names of george floyd brianna taylor jacob blake they’re not going to soon be forgotten not by me not by us not by this country we have to vote to meet the challenge of climate crisis as well more frequent extreme weather but literally the planet’s at stake we’re told the number of years before it’s irreversible is getting narrower and narrower the west is on fire more forest land has been burned to the ground than the entire square miles of rhode island and connecticut combined the midwest is flooding here in wisconsin extreme weather incurs big costs for your infrastructure lake michigan set a record high this past january and the south and the east hurricanes are more severe oceans are rising my state’s only three feet above sea level literally people are worried what happens if we don’t change this folks donald trump thinks that when you say climate change he says hoax well this stable genius as he calls himself also thinks that wind power causes cancer the way to stop hurricanes coming across the warm atlantic from africa is to maybe drop a nuclear bomb on them the same stable genius said the problem we had in the

revolutionary war we didn’t have up we did enough airports in the revolutionary war god save the uh anyway look when i hear climate change i think the health of our children the security of the planet and i also think it creates jobs jobs here in wisconsin all across the country folks combating climate change means saving the planet protecting our health and creating millions of good-paying jobs union jobs right here in milwaukee and all across america we can change the path we’re on but we have to act now because we can’t afford four more years of donald trump this election i promise you is going to hit your grandkids are going to write about how it set the path for at least a generation here in america you know in 2008 and 2012 we came to you all barack and me and we asked for your help you helped us and each day we are in

office we work for you and the entire country i’m going to do that again my 2020 campaign is a broad coalition we welcome democrats and republicans and independents i’m running as a proud democrat but i’m going to govern as an american president there will be no blue states or red states just the united states i’ll work as hard for those who vote against me as those who voted for me because that’s what a president is supposed to do the duty to care the duty to care for everyone look you too have a sacred duty to vote it matters wisconsin matters so if you haven’t already and most of

you probably have make a plan vote get out the vote if you’ve already voted get your mom dad brother sister neighbor get them to vote go to iwillvote.com wi you’ve got to get it done to make sure everyone knows where to vote when to vote look a press article yesterday speaking of donald trump two days ago actually said and i quote never before in modern presidential politics has a candidate been so reliant on wide-scale efforts to depress the vote as donald trump so let’s be careful here guess what he’s not going to be able to stop us not at all as i said he’ll not silence the over 85 million people have already voted they’ve had enough people are coming out in droves waiting three four five six hours in other states

just to vote let me conclude by saying i’ll never forget the phrase used by president kennedy when he decided to send us to the moon get to the moon he said when asked why i said if we refuse to postpone we’re the united states of america we refuse to postpone the incredible opportunities available to the american people i refuse to postpone the enormous possibilities we have i’ve been around a while but i’ve never been more optimistic about america’s chances of him today i really mean it there’s nothing beyond our capacity nothing there’s no limit to what america can do we’re the only country in the history of the world that’s come out of every crisis stronger than when we went in the only thing that can tear america apart is america itself and that’s exactly what donald trump has been doing from the beginning of his campaign

last time out dividing america pitting americans against one another based on race gender religion national origin ethnicity it’s wrong that’s not who we are everybody knows who donald trump is let’s let us know who we are who we are in the last four days we choose hope over fear unity over division science over fiction and yes truth over lies so folks it’s time to stand up and take back our democracy we can do this we can better we’ll be better than we’ve been we can be who

we want to be at our best the united states of america i promise you we can do this you help me get there i promise you i’ll take responsibility when i make a mistake i’ll acknowledge it but i will take responsibility and i won’t let you down god bless you all and may god protect our troops thank you for your patience thank you thank you thank you

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