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Biden holds campaign event in St Paul, MN

Biden holds campaign event in St Paul, MN

Jessica thank you for being here and for sharing your story unfortunately it’s the story of so many other Americans they have stories like you’re faced with health problems fighting for their lives and forced to think not only about facing the battle but about how they can afford the treatment while insurance companies come and in at the most vulnerable for you and your family members I remember when my son beau was lying in the hospital after he came home from Iraq after a year he had stage four glioblastoma they told him not whether he was going to live but just how long would he live as he lay there fighting for his life fighting to hang on i thought to myself what would it be like if it is suffering my insurance

company or his insurance company is able to come in and say you’ve run out of coverage time’s up you’re on your own well folks it’s a question no one should have to face in America that’s why I fought so hard and why Obamacare was such a big thing it’s unconscionable with Donald Trump from the day he got elected till right now he’s fighting in court to rip that peace of mind away from tens of millions of Americans but we’re not going to let him do it we’re never going back to those days and you’re going to vote we’re going to win for you Jessica and your family and I promise you I will protect your family as if it were my own I want to thank all of all the speakers you heard earlier your governor Tim is

great who’s leading Minnesota with decency and integrity and one of the outstanding members of congress benjamin McCollum let’s send her back to the house of representatives we need her badly and your incredible junior senator tina smith who I got to speak a little bit back here she’s got to go back and look let’s win back the Minnesota state senate while we’re at it one of the nation’s finest leaders and a dear friend I’ve been honored to stand alongside and fight together for the soul of this nation for a long time senator a.b global car my I love you thank you yesterday in Florida I had a chance to spend a little more time with another Minnesota icon carl Anthony towns you gotta hurt him where he can play man you all know him as the heart and soul of the timberwolves but he’s also the son who like many other Americans

lost his mom to covert 19 a couple of months ago for all those sons and daughters those parents siblings husbands and wives facing empty chairs and dining room tables they have empty holes in their hearts all those who reach over at night implicit just by instinct to say goodnight to their husband or wife they deserve so much better these guys are not very polite but they’re like trump but look they’re gonna be okay we’re gonna take care of them as well we need to come together we need to fight for all these folks we have four days left to get it done four days and millions of Americans are already voting millions more will vote by Tuesday and I believe when you use your power the power to vote will change the

the course of this country and the course of history right here in Minnesota with all of you in the final days keep that sense of empowerment keep informed empowerment with you that sense of optimism what we can overcome now look there’s a reason they don’t want to hear me because they know the president doesn’t say anything so they’re not used to not hearing anything but I know it’s hard folks I know it’s hard more than 228 I believe it is now a thousand Americans have

died because of Coba 19. nearly 2 500 here in Minnesota gone we had nine million new cases nationwide millions of Americans are out of work on the edge they can’t see any light they don’t know where it’s going and Donald trump he’s simply given up over the weekend white house counsel chief of staff he said the following we’re not going to control the pandemic at the debate last week Donald trump turned to me and said we’re rounding the corner it’s going away we’re learning to live with it but as I told him no he’s asking us to learn to die with it we’re not going to and did you hear what he said today on the trail he said that our doctors our first responders over a thousand lost their lives are putting their lives on the line-busting their necks making up he said but they’re making up deaths from covert because they get more money the president of the united states is accusing the medical profession of making up

cover deaths so they make more money doctors and nurses go to work every day to save lives they do their jobs Donald trump just started to stop attacking them and do his job folks this is the same man who weeks ago when he was told we’re losing a thousand lives a day you remember what he said he said it is what it is that’s thoughtful well it is what it is because he is who he is Donald Trump has waved the white flag and surrendered to this virus but the American people don’t give up they don’t cower either will I remember when he told when he did that interview and he told Bob Woodward that he knew about the virus how deadly it was the end of January but he didn’t tell anybody he didn’t even tell

those folks he didn’t tell anybody and Woodward asked him why and on tape he said because he didn’t want to panic the American people don’t panic Donald trump panics and unlike Donald Trump, we will not surrender to this virus look president trump is spreading division and discord he thinks that he can divide us we won’t notice his failures that’s what it’s all about that’s why he shamelessly equates Somali refugees folks seeking a better life in America contributing to this state in our country with terrorists as he did last night we need a president who’ll bring us together not pull us apart I’ll deal with this pandemic responsibly bringing the country together around testing tracing masking it’s estimated by the leading doctors in this country that if we just wore mass for the next few months we’d save over a hundred thousand lives of over two hundred thousand lives they expect to lose dr Fauci call for a masked mandate last

the week this isn’t a political statement like those ugly folks over there beeping the horns this is a patriotic duty for god’s sake look in his own words as I said the president knew back in January how extremely dangerous and communicable this disease was and I told you he went on and he made that tape he said it was the disease was easily able to spread but he did nothing at all look folks American people are tough and instead of talking and politicizing the vaccine he should be planning for a safe equitable and free distribution of a vaccine when it comes next year this guy refuses to provide schools and small businesses the resources and the national standards open safely the house of

representatives already passed the money to allow schools to open safely businesses open safely to make sure people are paid ladies and gentlemen we’ll bring republican democrats together to deliver economic relief for working families schools and businesses as i said before i’m not going to shut down the economy i’m going to shut down the virus [Music] donald trump inherited a strong economy that barack and i gave him but guess what like everything else he inherited he squandered it like everything he’s inherited but we can build back and we can build back better with an economy that rewards work not wealth we can do it without raising taxes on the middle class and working families i promise you you have my word if you make less than four hundred thousand dollars a year you won’t pay a penny more in taxes but i tell

you what for the first time in a long time the wealthiest and biggest corporations are going to start paying their fair share 91 out of the fortune 500 companies paid zero in taxes last year why why should a firefighter an educator even that guy blowing that horn why should he pay why should a nurse pay higher tax rates than a super wealthy why should you pay more taxes than donald trump pays he’s exploited every loophole in tax code he’s run a shell game to avoid paying taxes if you notice i’ve released 22 years of my tax returns he’s not released one single year what’s he hiding where’s the corruption according to trump the reason why i only paid 750 dollars is because he’s smart well what does that make the rest of us to pay our fair share mr president we’re going to deliver tax relief for working families in the middle class help

you buy your first home pay for health care premiums or child care or care for your aging parents or be able to actually actually pay for school trump got a supreme court justice first time it’s ever happened while elections already started for one reason he’s determined to do what he’s been trying to do for four years destroy the affordable care act if they get their way 100 million americans will lose protections for pre-existing conditions complications from code with 19 will be the next pre-existing condition allowing insurers to jack up your premiums or deny your coverage and women will again be able to be charged more for the same health care as a man just because they’re a woman donald trump thinks health care

is a privilege i think it’s your right [Music] and if we all get out and vote we’ll not only restore obamacare we’ll strengthen it and build on it so you can keep your private insurance if that’s what you like or choose a medicare-like option a public option will increase subsidies lower your premiums than deductibles out of pocket spending reduce prescription costs by 60 by allowing medicare to negotiate with drug prices we’re going to keep the protections for people with pre-existing conditions and will protect social security medicare meanwhile the social security actuary said that if donald trump donald trump said elect me again and i’m going to change social security the actuary said if the changes he puts in place occur the social security bankrupt in 23 2023 so go home and tell your parents your grandparents just what trump’s

about to do i’ll protect social security medicare and medicaid but folks nothing’s worse that this president has done than the way he spoke about those who served in uniform he called them losers and suckers my son beau gave up the attorney general’s seat in the united state of delaware to volunteer to go to iraq for a year he won the bronze star the conspicuous service medal he wasn’t a loser or sucker he was a patriot so many of you as well no wonder the six generals who work directly for the trump administration have left and they say he does not deserve to be the commander-in-chief of the united states that’s never happened to any president before and that’s why special operations commander stanley general

stanley mcchrystal navy seal commander admiral craven along with 24 stars endorsed me saying they support me to be the next commander-in-chief because they trust me and that’s why the military times reported that more troops will vote for biden than trump that’s why we have to support the military they’re the backbone of the country so let them vote and let’s vote for them [Music] and while donald trump fails to condemn white supremacy we can deliver on racial justice the season of protest is broken out across the nation because the life and dignity of george floyd sensely killed seven miles from here and so many others that mattered protesting and burning and looting is not protesting it’s violence clear and simple and will not be tolerated but these protests are a cry for justice the names of george floyd brianna taylor jacob

blake will not still be forgotten not by me not by us not by this country because true justice is also economic justice access to schooling housing access to capital good paying jobs and financial stability giving families of color a real shot to own a home start a small business send a child to college debt-free so they can build wealth and pass down opportunity through the generations like the rest of us have we have to vote to ensure the full promise of this country for everyone and finally we have to vote to meet the challenge of the climate crisis the west is on fire losing more forests than the total land of connecticut and rhode island combined the midwest is flooding here in minnesota extreme weather occurs incurs big costs for your infrastructure increased flooding in the mississippi watershed is shut down port facilities here and then

say paul donald trump thinks it’s all a hoax he’s a he sure is a stable genius he says the wind power causes cancer i say it creates jobs minnesota jobs we combine we can combat climate change with american ingenuity manufacturing building more resilient nation creating millions of new high-paying jobs we can change the path we’re on nothing’s beyond our capacity so honk your heart if you want america to lead again your horn if you want americans to trust each other again honk your heart if you want to have civility again [Music] and hark your heart if you want america to be united again we cannot afford four more years of donald trump in 2008 and 12 you’ve placed your trust in me and barack obama and each

day we’re in office we work for you and the entire community i’ll do it again in 2020. my campaign is a broad coalition of democrats republicans independents democrat republican office holders i’m running as a proud democrat but i will govern as an american president i’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do because that’s the job of a president it’s the duty of care for everyone and you too have a sacred duty the duty to vote it matters minnesota matters so on the final days stay empowered stay optimistic stay united make a plan to vote help get out the vote as amy said go to iowavote.com mn yesterday the federal appeals court forced the last minute change in the rules absentee ballots has been received by tuesday so if you want your voice to be heard drop off your ballot don’t put in the mail or vote

safely in person any day up through election day but you’ve got to get it done and make sure everyone you know votes as well so they’ll not be able to stop us despite trump’s efforts recent press article points out that quote never before in modern presidential politics i’m quoting now never before in modern presidential politics has a candidate been so reliant on wide-scale efforts to repress the votes as trump end of quote we will not be silenced over 85 million of people have already voted 85 million they’ve had enough look i’ll never forget the words president kennedy said when he promised to send us to the moon he said we’re doing it because we in america we refuse to postpone i refuse to postpone the work

america must do there’s nothing beyond our capacity there’s no limit to america including guys like that the only thing that can tear america apart is america itself and that’s exactly what donald trump has been doing from the beginning divide america treating americans against one another based on race ethnicity national origin that’s wrong that’s not who we are everybody knows who donald trump is let’s keep showing them who we are we choose hope over fear we choose unity over division science over fiction and yes we choose truth over lies so it’s time to stand up take back our democracy we can do this we’re so much better than this we can be who we are at our best the united states of america god bless you all and may god protect our troops thank you thank you thank you

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