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Biden Highlights Trump’s Handling Of The Coronavirus At Pennslyvania Rally

Biden Highlights Trump’s Handling Of The Coronavirus At Pennslyvania Rally

i want to bring in ali vitale into the conversation she’s standing by at joe biden’s next event also in philadelphia pennsylvania just a short ways away um ali i know that you were listening in to the former vice president speaking there was pretty brief to say the least actually just about 20 minutes or so he spoke there but a really powerful statements nonetheless talk us through what you’re expecting a little bit later today yes man i think the message is going to remain the same but this is really the outset of a two-day blitz here through pennsylvania and you heard the argument that joe biden was making there both an argument for his candidacy and his presidency you heard him point out that he wants to be a president for all americans even in states that don’t ultimately end up voting for him on tuesday but you also heard

him taking it to donald trump making attacks against him that ranged from saying americans are sick of the tweets to the more serious highlighting just how impactful and devastating this coronavirus pandemic has been to members of the black community and other minority communities across the country of course that indictment of trump’s mishandling of the pandemic has been really the crux of biden’s argument this entire campaign and of course it remains his finishing message i want to play for you a little bit more of what his closing pitch was here in philadelphia every day is a new

reminder of how high the stakes are of how far the other side will go to try to suppress the turnout especially here in philadelphia president trump is terrified of what will happen in pennsylvania he knows the people of pennsylvania get to have their say if you have your say he doesn’t stand a chance and yazmin this this state of course is critical to both campaigns calculus just look at where these candidates are spending their time the location is really the message in these closing days and frankly this is the start of joe biden making several stops throughout the state he’s starting here on the

eastern side then tomorrow hopscotching over to parts of western pennsylvania his running mate though kamala harris picking up here around the philadelphia area tomorrow as we head into the final stretch before election day uh yeah he knows how important that state is he knows how important black voters are as well ali battalion philadelphia forest thank you so much ellie good to talk to you

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