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Biden delivers remarks at a drive-in event in Detroit, Michigan

Biden delivers remarks at a drive-in event in Detroit, Michigan

We. Do you still want? Yeah. Yeah. What is. We the most important election of our lifetime and that includes months which was pretty important. This. Is on the line. Our jobs are on the line. Hello, when we get. Under control is on the line. And the good news is on Tuesday you can choose Jinping. You can nobody. You can. You can choose. You don’t have to wait until tuesday. Because here in michigan you can vote in person right now. Go to. One was. If you voters then what do you do don’t get your friends to vote. Your one of those we need everybody turns up. The family. Detroit joe biden has now brought. I love joe but- he will be a great program. All amid twelve years ago when. I asked him to serve as the nominee for vice president. I don’t know all that well we’ve served in the senate together but he’d been there a while i was still fairly new. You’re not going to different places we came from different generations. What i can whitmer joe was a man who is decent too is cool. A man who learned early on to treat everybody with dignity. And everybody with respect.

Somebody who live by the words of montana no one better than you joe but you’re no better than anybody. And the decency that empathy. That the everybody. That’s willing to joe wicks. And the good news is that will be what is present because i can tell you some of the presidency doesn’t actually change who you are it just revealed three one. George and i saw. Three to four and i saw that critical as- from his perspective to make sure that the voices of ordinary families were in the room when decisions were being made. And three years joe was the last one in the room whenever i faced a big

decision. He made me a better president. He’s got the character and experience to make us a better club. And he and tom well are going to be in the- not for themselves but for every single one of us. You know what. You can say that about. I’m a lot. Under what another agree with me at thirty one hundred embrace my vision i understood it wasn’t going to continue my policies but i hope that he was going to show some interest in taking the job. Well if you want to press the wrong for president. When you become president the assumption is you are going to take the job search. You’re gonna spend the all the- when you want in the- but- there’s- he hasn’t shown any in doing the work. Or. Cellphones one or two in the presence

as anything more than a real show to give them the attention that you crave so desperately. The rest of us have had to live with the consequences. Almost two hundred bags. Americans have done. More than a hundred thousand small businesses have closed almost three hundred thousand jobs are gone this you have all. America just head it’s single worst week of new cases we’ve been living with this plan for months. And we just. The worst one in terms of incidents. Enamel what is donald trump closing arguments. No people are too focused on. Please complaining. Hello of. But but that’s not enough now he’s starting to accuses doctors okay. They’re making a big deal out of it so they can make more money. You got. Will their- the federal who. Every and then they home they are two groups isolate themselves remove all. Protective

garments. Sure school everything just to make sure they’re all don’t get in some cases don’t get to see their families and he’s the normal to make a buck. He can. Somebody would be willing. To make sacrifices for others. Unless there was some economic motivation that’s how we- no we got to the suffering. So we’re not. Just flat out rather control we noticed. You what what. You can. I guess i’m dating myself remembering the old people do. One hour forty movement. The big funny looking better yours like mine. At least say what we were i was that’s all these guys are. What what should every

word. The same way you remember one of the problems. Well is your go bankrupt your mother. What i. Did talk with it’s wrong. Your that’s what they are literally senate every night. Well if i were published on covid the beginning. This is one would be reaching new record highs across the country. Some of the places he’s holding well interesting new spikes after he leaves he’s going around having a better. Much bigger lives no mess no protective gear not no precautions. What’s his obsession with crowds anyway. I’m. One in about his inauguration crowd small. Although. There’s nothing better the

world. That was four years ago. What kind of trauma that you go through no one come to his birthday party. This news not giving him enough attention. Lore another difference between joe biden and donald trump right there. Well if you go don’t keeping you safe and your family safe and getting this country moving again. To make sure that every single one of. Look this planned on according to challenger. For any president. But this idea that somehow this white house has done anything but completely screw this up well the facts don’t say either one. One one you can go they’ll remember can go

right now. Gretchen with building a wall the people. But when doing this. Canada identified its worst case is the same way that the u. S. The same thing we- our mortality rate the number of people who does. What happened on. Is two one half times. If we had the same mortality rate as they do then. Around ninety thousand americans would have died which would still be a tragedy but it would be two hundred and thirty thousand if we are able to spend democrat candidate a hundred and forty thousand of our fellow americans might still be alive today. The leadership in the white house matter.

It matters this is not a game is not a contest of the they’ll call each other names this is one of the- this is life or death. The last week one one. Donald trump was would you do anything differently it’s a lot more. But that will occur but you can put bill bennett. What then i did president when i didn’t look back and say that i could gone that a little bit better. I could not even the world. Donald well. Low look act this is a president who wants full credit for the economy called me he appeared. One for the pandemic he ignored but the job. One the tv doesn’t. No the most people’s live there you’ve got a plan you’ve got to do the work. This is to get things done joe biden has concrete plans. And policies that will turn our

vision of a better fairer stronger country into reality. Joe biden there’s not going to screw up. He’s not gonna call francisco idiots. The whole super spreader rally around the country or in the white house. Judge pandemic under control with a plan to make testing three and widely available and get a vaccine. Eric and costly and make sure our frontline heroes. Go to countries with equipment that they need. What i will do. Reporter affected by the end of. I’m not sure that the small businesses that hold our communities together. Unemployed millions of Americans can we open state. Small businesses in every community not the from. But the corporations. Donald trump likes to claim the public the government.

American one point five million more jobs in the last three years of the obama biden administration then in the first three years. Of the twenty. Gretchen thank. That was before he could blame the pandemic. Joe biden worked to rescue the auto industry. There was there. Understood what was at stake he told us about on michigan and we did and manufacturing grown men michigan by 15% over our planet years in the trump. I will make michigan the main bedroom the world. It’s 1% on those for you this been. Fifty the wall. We in the longest streak of job growth in american history. But economic damage that he’s of liked it by botching the pandemic response means you’ll be the only president since herbert hoover.

Actually lose jobs over who. Are a long time ago. Been a lot of president center route. One well during his presidency. Joe biden injured players know that the key to a strong economy it’s not tax tax cuts for billionaires. In the process of working americans. One of the great one million new auto related jobs thanks for reading collector vehicle production. Clean energy jobs. White climate changes york environmental justice and- well. With. Joe biden says this is the moment not just to get back to where we work he wants to build on the progress we made during our administration and he wts to take it further. He wants to make long overdue changes that are commonly actually works. For everybody makes life a little easier for everybody. The waitress. Frederator kid on all. The student trying to figure out how to pay for next

semester’s class. The shift worker. Always on the good laid off. The cancer survivor was worried about for pre existing convict- conditions protections. Been taken one. Lobby procedure i really do and i’m grateful. Let’s let’s talk about health care of respect. Republicans want to read the formal action they’ll protect your pre existing conditions. Well joe and i actually put them ten years ago with the affordable care act. We republican votes no one. And republicans tried to repeal or undermine. The for more than sixty times. A why they want to take people’s health care when it’s not clear to me. I

don’t know why you did that kind of. You know what i want to make sure that the person that have health care i don’t know why they would think that way. I’m wondering. About of this phenomenal. We’re going to. Repeal bolton replace it with something even better. Even more beautiful. One one. What do you want this new president came in office zero. This well no. One is the plan one. Nobody can. Hello what is the what the plan was that we gave them the telematic bill. Mr.

Instead they just the portable character their return driving up costs driving up the uninsured the other. Okay. Well what. No not. Okay as we speak. Whoa. This is. Did you record. The problem was. Cory in addition to try. To your role. I will prefer. One other thing that’s important. I wonder what else you want to just read about her. Judge never got. Shake your hand. Reporter it won’t. Judge dredd. Reach one. Thank you. We will going to go out of this. To it is not normal. We would. From a high school principal we one. We one tolerated from a coworker. If you want and they did liderman data thirteen point. Of your life you know what we’re- yeah we would. One one present autistic. Because there are

consequences to this. The consequences actions bolton people to be me end of this. And race is unafraid. The problems of our society and our lives it affects our children see things and how they interact. It was hello it school in the world works. That’s why george about the slow of america. The more than anything is what separates him from his opponent. He cares about every american not just some any cares about the values. That make this country exception. I know joe biden he does not have a mean spirited bone in his body he cares about everybody store. You want to hear. Everybody’s voice he drives a little bit the values that we cherish honesty and hard work kindness and humility responsibility. Helping out

somebody who’s having a hard time. You know what i want to hear this is this kind of phony macho you know act in tulsa marlin all the time. No that’s not. That’s not what it used to be to be a man of father a leader. Your record all the time called on. Put another people the- and joe understands what. And when you log so that’s what you’ll see reflected in the white. And these should be republican values our democratic values there what are. The what a- what a grandparent’s

house. If what we still try to pass on to our kids. White values are black about user let latino. Or asian or native american. Can. One but. One two. In this country we couldn’t we can leave no doubt we cannot afford to be complacent. Not in the select well what about some of those. Hello i don’t need to bother voters. One is the one before for example on the preferred number might not make a difference. The government. All i to preserving the best for both. It number program for every problem but- exactly. The president can’t solve every economic coronavirus up like people like gary peterson

and brenda lawrence in an- a little small and haley stevens and we get a house in the senate. Groundwork people and getting you the help you need we can but voters can make a difference. Some people do. We bill for the college education. So we’ll be able to go to. When the supreme and get a trade. You know. About president by himself getting limited all racial bias in our criminal justice system election may didn’t did and didn’t make a post racial. But you know what. It if we elected district attorneys and state attorneys insurance focused on the quality of justice and we have a justice

department that reinvigorates the civil rights division it can make things better and then maybe some. What subject to some of the tragedies that we’ve seen over the last few months. And that’s what voters about it’s not about making things perfect. Lawmakers and better. What so that a generation from now we can look back and say you know what. Right about then we turn the corner we started. Back on a better trajectory. The fact that we don’t get a 100% of what we want is not a good reasons not to vote it’s a reason to keep voting until we do get a right. Just over 50% of as well. You’ve got almost half of eligible voters not voting. And so those are the same folks complain. But imagine if 50% of what. 70% of as

well. It generates one. Which was the president and about. Well to get us out of this month. Well. Well. One to bring this case to the american well no matter what we look like a little. God is good. What is hey. Hello my- what country can. The thing is that we can just imagine a better. For we got. We don’t work with. Like never before. We’ve got. To this country school. We will send you back to the same. Was. Stephens back to the house. And we will examine. We love this country. Who cares about you. Cool for every single one of. But really. The next. It’s good to so many friends. Where your one alabama. A lot of time review. Read. George trouble getting what they need. Well i tell you what all i did was was that

would government told me to do what it did. And gretchen whitmer governor were you are one cory gardner. We’re going to go christie. My body debbie stabenow. Your one huger senator gary peters. You’re always gonna three. To be there for you and your family that’s a fact. The congress to run a large we need to send you back to the house yes i agree to sen hello back allen’s david’s. And i tell you what you know that szlachta girl. Japanese beacom three things got no broader. She’s regarding more about the intelligence community cia the most people ever know. The second i got to know she’s

smarter you. It’s harder and stevie wonder is here. Calls for justice for a long time. Generally i national treasure and of course. At a barack obama. I tell you what. Did it make you feel lost lg just hearing. Compared to- compared i want to compare god almighty. It’s great to see mr president great to hang out with him. Reminds us. We get out of prison with character decency respect a present respect around the world. The present our kids. Look up. To i want to say suffering on set enough. President obama. Was a great president. One of the great honors i have is only serving with. We’ll be

coming good personal friend. Our families became close. Why granddaughter and two of his two daughters one altar school together remain each other’s best buddies want to make sure to say here today mr president. Thank you thank you for everything thank remind us what we can be again. We want to start on a serious note here by extending my condolences to the chaldean assyrian community here in michigan on the tenth anniversary. Overloaded deliverance church massacre baghdad. I was there in baghdad i met with the archbishop. Ben baghdad many many times during the war. I tell you what. They were worried back then. And after it occurred i came out here. Lord right to worship is a fundamental right in america. As americans we should be proud the people all over the world find a home here in our communities. Your where the right to vote is the most fundamental right. Have a right to protect our religious freedom.

And so my heart goes out to all those ten years seems like a long time. But not every lost somebody is like yesterday. So you have my after they might. And my support. What detroit. Three days. Three three. Residents do those divided this nation. Three days you put a gun to a president fail. To protect this nation. Three reporter president been the flames of. All across this nation. They’ve already voted. Over eighty five million so far they’re telling. We’re going to go to days ahead because the president said we have overwhelmingly vote and overwhelmingly wednesday so my message is simple. The

part of the country is your in your head. I don’t care how hard donald trump dr. There’s not going to do to stop the people of america from bolton. Three one is well we will be heard when americans heard i believe the message is going to be loud and clear. It’s time for donald trump to pack his bags. The president said we’re done with the chaos would decrease with

your that hey with the failure with their responsibility. Well we got a lot of work to do. Are needed to get a lecture that i need you once i’m elected. Because if i don’t hear president. We’re going to get things done. We are gonna act. We’re gonna move. Rental fraud families we’re not covered under control. On day one of my presidency reporter national plan i’ve been talking about for months. By asking social distancing testing tracy. Where for foreign affairs three just to reserve their- eric and vaccine well we got one. Imagine your date we had a president bush warrant a master’s set of market.

I can tell you this. We have nine million confirmed cases of broken in this nation nine. We one. Two hundred thirty thousand deaths. We would be seeing these new record numbers of cases we’re seeing every single right now nearly one hundred thousand cases nationwide in the united states yes yesterday. We would be crazy another two hundred thousand predicted death in the next few months. This president one january this virus is deadly. Number i kept saying another said. His community. Gretchen i did go one. He said no i never read the report. Well that’s surprising even turns out.

He knows. Many here remember good people you know so much worse than the flu he lied to the american people you know what is going to disappear but he kept telling us a miracle is probably. And yes today yeah the brawl brock said. The say the doctors the people about on the front lines some of their their lives over there says another first responders he suggested the doctors were falsely inflating yes due to covid because they wanted to make money. What. In the hell is the matter with this man. What’s the matter him. The people. Suffered exactly for nine months and none more so than our doctors on the frontline health care workers. And this is pushing their character their integrity. And their commitment to their fellow americans. It’s one than a friend it’s a disgrace this press recover president bush waves the white flag to this virus. Our frontline health workers. I all the grass the biggest virus many have died. But they have a president we have a

president that’s given up. I’ll never raise the white flag of surrender we’re going to be as far as we’re going to get it under control. And the first thing is virus. Is beating donald trump. Keeps telling us what a great present is the stable geniuses you know. Well did you know president obama i have great more jobs he said the last three years right restrictions that he did the first year three threes ahead before the pandemic. Rabat yes you know donald trump is going to be the first

president president set in ninety years. It’s going to three wishes for years with fewer jobs under. His leadership that is when he started. That’s lot of pressure mass. A lot of crises what. Is gonna fewer jobs at the end of his presidency at the start. Doctors say i understand something donald trump done. Wall street did not build this country you did people like my parents. Order work approve of this country and you. Yeah. That’s a fact. One result the breaking two thousand nine one of short resigns back rocker i bet all the workers my dad. No objective a medical vice president pence we step in and

rescue your realistic and said these one million jobs. What you may not know is gonna stevens will run that task force to make sure we got it done. Right right i believe we should reward work not wealth in this country work not well. Under my plan if you make more than less than four hundred thousand dollars well i guarantee you’re not going to pay anymore taxes what do you make more than that the wealthiest biggest corporations the ninety one fortune five hundred

companies the press zero contact you’re gonna start paying your fair share. Well one firefighter cater nurse there’s a higher tax rate to the billionaire that’s a fact by the way your nurse if there’s any- if there’s any way to have another all nurses male and female man. All right god love you. I’ve been a significant consumer healthcare and i can tell you. I can tell you the fact of the matter is that. Bad this gods truth. Doctors left to live nurses male female make you wanna live i make you one of the- accounts in the guise spent a lot of time in the hospital with to create an anders is a few other

problems. What is your favorite. Why should all of you be paying more taxes. Donald trump the billionaire. He did doctors he has no income. He says he paid an income tax of seven hundred and fifty dollars. As they say several how bout y’all would you open. Seven hundred fifty dollars. My lord i remember when he was asked about are only paid that much is because i’m smart you know how to game the system well guess what mr president. On common fauria. We this is game you’ll have to pay. It’s not right it’s not fair. We’re gonna act we’re gonna have to protect our care george robinson jethroe supreme court nomination you know why one reason to destroy the affordable care act to live without. If they get away

one hundred million americans will lose protections for pre existing conditions including more than four million people are in michigan. Donald trump thinks health care is a privilege. Rock and i think if you’re right. You keep your- shoes in the law after lankford together well it subsidies of your- deductibles out of pocket spending reduce prescription prices by 60% they were gonna do it. Is the world’s gonna start paying their fair share so we can make sure you get a fair deal.

Really make sure we keep the protections for people with pre existing conditions meanwhile. Social security actuaries so security administration said donald trump said he said he’s going to change so security gets reelected he said it planned goes through it would bankrupt social security. Twenty twenty three five twenty twenty three the government tell your parents or grandparents what a great gift is gonna if you were to win. I’ll protect social security medicare medicaid. But nothing worse me than the waste about. Those who have served in uniform those have died. They call the measures of suckers. Well my scott. One the bronze star the conspicuous service medal spent a year in iraq he won a loser he was an

american breakthrough. I’m not going to president rep burns. The president to portray himself as a tough guy the macho man. Well when the last time you saw president i’d states. Being laughed at why the world leaders at the united nations really got this very good tire you have laughed at him. Was the last time. Yes all president understated a nato meeting. We know what. I believe goodnight okay making fun of it. South carolina my. One word. Thank if. You can believe we have a can you believe you have a president whose vladimir putin’s popping. What american soldiers in afghanistan. From

smoke of six times as he knew about that this to scared to challenge him. Donald trump is not strong. Thank you three know respected international stage. Mr president don’t understand why you don’t understand kurtz physical courage that takes the word value reform. Maybe that’s why six of his generals in his administration who worked at the registration process left said he’s not fit to be commander in chief for the united states military. That’s why. George bush leverages commanders get into crystal the manager special operations command over stop and watch race admiral bill mcraven in

twenty two other four star seven doors for me so. That b. As their commander j. Because they know i one of the back to the military wherever. Well folks. Well by the way you’re right genesis one about the five hundred forty five kids were kidnapped that’s why now admittedly on day one i’m setting up a special commission we’re gonna find those kids i will unite them with their parents we’re gonna make sure that. One told me. What a total embarrassment my god. That’s why we have the support of the address rep your vote for the more folks. We will activate the climate crisis as well.

The stable genius called it a hoax. What a way to daily said. He is a i think you said perfect physical specimen. One the store is that right off seventy thousand dollars. On his taxes because he news special hair care. Seventeen thousand bucks right written off for her career. I tell you what man. Our review here but i’d rather have what i have. David perfect specimens. Whoa you know we could make this up you know. About this is look. Well i tell you what. One one change i see job he says hoax. I see american workers building installing five hundred thousand charging stations across our our way. This country i see americans covers for two to claim a luxury vehicles built here insurance. Senate i see the federal government hard to see the purchasing power to buy. Concerned obviously that we have in the war in washington. They may consortiums are union jobs right here in america. This is. Good jobs across america in auto industry alone. Let’s hear from those homes the cars out there who’ve made me think is made here in michigan. Her racial justice in america.

Look it is not. Must never be tolerated and i won’t but these protester cry for justice. George floyd brianna taylor jacob blank well my super her god. Because there was water a new wave of justice in america. This country has to come together i’m running as a proud democrat but i will govern as an american president. Don’t support me as those those who do. You know what. It this american in myerberg- there’s no red state or blue state. It’s everybody.

That’s the job of president the duty to care to care for everyone. So for god’s sake please vote. You still have an absentee ballot. Get it to drop off of the box dropbox as soon as you can. You can also vote early until monday afternoon. A good bottle like today. Just make a plan make a plan to vote. As a vibrant repeated many times tonight. Go to i will vote dot com slash mark.

Folks i’ll never forget. The words of my colleagues in the city security when i’d always reminded me of it the words

president kennedy said as he promised to send us to the moon. He said we’re doing it because we refused to postpone. What are refused to postpone the incredible opportunities did emerica people have available to them there’s nothing beyond our capacity. There’s no limit to america’s future bill could terrible report is america itself. And that’s exactly what donald trump for trying to do the very beginning of his campaign divided america. Against one another based on race gender ethnicity national origin is wrong it’s not who we are. Hello everybody goes to donald trump is. We choose we choose well over fear. We unity over division. We use. Yes we choose. To i understand. Gardner marker c. We get this was very bad. We can. Address the united states of america. She will thank god for our troops thank you thank you thank you. Thanks to the kitchen

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