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Biden delivers campaign remarks in Wilmington

Biden delivers campaign remarks in Wilmington

means that captured president trump’s whole approach to this crisis he takes a lot of big pronouncements and he makes a lot of big pronouncements but they don’t hold up he gets his photo op and then gets out he leaves everyone else to suffer the consequence of his failure to make a responsible plan it seems like he just doesn’t care much about it and the longer he’s in charge the more reckless he gets it’s enough it’s time to change meanwhile yesterday the white house science office this stunned me put out a statement listing ending the covet 19 pandemic as a top accomplishment of president trump’s first term top accomplishment of trump’s first term at the very moment when infection rates are going up almost every

state in our union the refusal of the trump administration to recognize the reality we’re living through at a time when almost a thousand americans a day are dying every single day it’s an insult to every single person suffering from copa 19 and every family who’s lost a loved one there’s nothing more personal there’s nothing nothing more personal to an american family than their health care and the health care of their loved ones i know all too well what it feels like to have your heart ripped out losing a loved ones too soon to sit the hospital bedside and feel like there’s a black hole in the middle of your chest knowing there’s not much you can do i many of you know what it feels like to watch a beloved person die why they’re dying of cancer or some other disease without wondering having to wonder about whether you’re going to pay for the medical bills or what would happen if god forbid the insurance companies were able to come in and say you

know we’re not going to cover the treatment and yet today president trump is on a single-minded crusade to strip americans of their health care that would only create another enormous crisis in the public health system in two short weeks exactly one week after the election the trump administration will make its case asking the supreme court to strike down the affordable care act quote in its entirety in its entirety let me say that again they’re arguing that the entire law must fall which would strip 20 million americans of their health insurance overnight rip away protections for pre-existing conditions for more than 100 million people in the middle of an upswing of a pandemic the upswing look just this week on 60 minutes we heard what trump told leslie stahl about the upcoming supreme court case on the affordable care act and i quote i hope that they end it it’ll be so good if they end it end of quote there’s no question there’s no question that’s

why president trump nominated justice barrett to the court that’s why the republicans jammed her through with a confirmation minimum election the publics have tried and tried and tried since the affordable care act was passed overturning and every single time they failed president trump has tried everything he can on his own to sabotage the law so now to what i have characterized as a craven abuse of political power they’ve added to the court of justice who criticized chief justice roberts previous decision to uphold the affordable care act in hopes that they can destroy the affordable care act once and for all through the courts no matter how many americans they hurt in the process so let’s remember exactly what’s at stake in this election if you have diabetes asthma cancer or even complications from kova 19 you’re going to lose the protection this law provides insurers will once more be able to jack up your premiums or deny your coverage women could again be charged more for their health care just because they’re women and children will no

longer be able to stay in their parents insurance policies until age 26. on top of all that overturning the aca could mean that people have to pay to get coven 19 vaccine once it’s available that’s right that’s right the law that says insurers required to cover vaccines for free is the affordable care act and he’s striking that down attempting to unlike donald trump i believe healthcare isn’t a privilege it’s a right that everyone have access to this country can’t afford former years of a president who thinks he’s only responsible for the well-being of the people who voted for him we can’t afford former years of a president instead of fighting the virus attacks doctors i can’t get over this guy he attacked doctors claiming their over-reporting covet cases because they want to make more money doctors are over reporting cases because they want to make money you know our doctors and nurses and our front line health care workers are putting themselves at enormous

risk every day more than a thousand of them have already died and attempt to beat back this pandemic and save lives they deserve to be treated with respect by their president we can’t afford former years of a president who’d rather spend his time desperately trying to strip people of their healthcare than even once bothered to put forward a healthcare plan on his own we can’t afford formal years of donald trump the good the good news is we have a chance to turn this around by voting we have six more days left in this election the american people have it in their hands to put this country in a vastly different path this is my commitment to you i’ll protect and build on the affordable care act so you can keep your private insurance or choose a medicare-like option you can make it stronger i’m going to make it stronger with your help the lower premiums and deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses will bring down drug prices with almost two-thirds by taking steps such as allowing medicare to negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars making the price lower when they negotiate medicare says we’re only going to pay you x amount for the following

medicines that will lower prices drastically making and available to everyone we’re going to make sure every American has access to free coven 19 vaccine this isn’t beyond our capacity now if we come together we can stand together if we stand together as the united states democrats republicans and independents we can transcend old divisions and show what’s possible there’s nothing beyond our capacity there’s no limit to America’s future if I’m elected president as i said yesterday in warm springs Georgia I’ll be a president who is not in it for himself but for others president who doesn’t divide us but unites us president who appeals not to the worst in us but the best in us the president looks not to settle scores but to find solutions president guided not by wishful thinking but by science reason and facts even if i win it’s going to take a lot of hard work to end this pandemic i’m not running the false promise of being able to end this

pandemic by flipping a switch but what I can promise you is this we will start on day one doing the right things we’ll let science drive our decisions we will deal honestly with the American people and we’ll never ever quit that’s how we’ll shut down this virus so we can get back to our lives a lot more quickly than the pace we’re going at now you know I’m going to fight to protect your health care i promise you just like i fight for my own family we can do this I promise you now I’m going to go do what I hope all of you do I’m going to walk out of this building I’m going to go vote there’s a lot of people on that ballot not just me but the down-ballot as well that are going to change things for us make it better may god bless you all and may god protect our troops thank you

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