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Biden could propose national mask mandate as part of COVID-19 plan

Biden could propose national mask mandate as part of COVID-19 plan

well meantime president-elect joe biden is announcing members of his coronavirus task force today and one of biden’s first priorities in fighting the virus may be a national mask mandate peter ducey live for us in wilmington delaware peter good morning to you who are some of the members of the task force trace just hit our inboxes we’ve got three co-chairs they are dr david kessler dr vivek murthy the former surgeon general and dr marcela nunez smith they will head up this

biden kovit 19 effort as others in the transition start to talk about who might fill out a president biden cabinet one of the names that is floating around is pete buttig but something that these people have to remember these democrats have to remember is that they might need some help from republicans to get anybody confirmed by the senate mitch mcconnell is

going to have to decide whether he wants to help move this country forward and influence progress or whether he wants to stop progress if he chooses to do that i’m fearful not only that the republican party would pay a devastating price politically but that the american people would pay a price that we can’t afford to pay because we need action so today the

biden campaign is starting to begin to try to turn all the big talk about beating kova 19 into a plan of action fine advisors though also don’t want to wait for the long legislative process to play out to undo trump administration policies so they are starting to make a list of executive orders to sign on january 20th we have a little over 70 days jake so i hope folks give

us a moment to pull it together but i can tell you this that throughout the campaign joe biden has noted that there are a number of things that we need to tackle and do and that will need to start on day one yes that includes addressing the climate crisis and we do expect to see the uh president-elect here in wilmington today we also expect to see the vice

president-elect later on uh we just watched as the press pool that is assigned to travel inside of their bubble drove past to be swept at the biden house here in wilmington they are going to hold some sort of a briefing about coven 19 we don’t know if there will be questions at this briefing or if it’s just us watching them be briefed by members of their new covenant task force but we will be there as it all plays out back to you i’m sure you will peter ducey live for us in wilmington peter thank you

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