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Biden campaign responds to Trump’s election claims calling them ‘outrageous’

Biden campaign responds to Trump’s election claims calling them ‘outrageous’

well joe biden taking the stage in a midnight rally speaking to supporters at a drive-in gathering outside the chase center in wilmington delaware the former vice president expressed confidence to his supporters saying that he is quote on track to win this election we’re joined now by fox news correspondent griff jenkins for more grif hey john good morning it’s

been quite a night here in that empty parking lot behind me was full of cars but first just in the last few minutes we’re getting a statement from jen o’malley dylan biden’s campaign manager about what the president had to say in lucas’s report she calls the president’s comments incorrect outrageous and unprecedented and continues in a statement saying

we repeat what the vice president said tonight donald trump does not decide the outcome of this election joe biden does not decide the outcome of this election the american people decide the outcome of this election in the democratic process must and will continue until its conclusion we’ll see what more we get on that front meanwhile this parking lot is the same that at the end of the summer cars filled it after the dnc when biden got the nomination and supported and

celebrated him well it was here tonight when they came around nine o’clock the car is filing in then shortly after 12 30 a.m when it was apparent that there would be no winner joe biden came here on that stage behind me and addresses supporters very confident of his chances and what he was seeing in the results watch we’re confident about arizona that’s a turnaround we also just called it from minnesota and we’re still in the game in georgia although that’s not what we

expected and we’re feeling real good about wisconsin and michigan and by the way it’s going to take time to count the votes we’re going to win pennsylvania in pennsylvania indeed biden is eager to get those results because remember john he put a blitz on the keystone state in the final 48 hours of his campaign spending so much of their time there now it’s becoming clear that pennsylvania along with wisconsin and michigan may likely hold the keys to victory but did not

comment on the surprise loss of the night which was florida as lucas mentioned but the campaign says they never needed it it was never part of their path to 270. now that latest fox news tally of electoral votes you can see biden 238 trump 2 13. now we wait and find out exactly what happens because we know at least in the case of pennsylvania they’ve stopped the the counting well they can the county continues but we won’t have an update from pennsylvania from the philly

commissioners until at least 9 a.m later this morning but it’s likely possibly going to go as many as three days to friday john because as you know any ballot post marked by 8 pm november 3rd can be counted for up to three days by counties john yeah the pennsylvania and north carolina results could be days away griff jenkins griff thank you

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