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Biden and Trump make final pitches to voters ahead of US election

Biden and Trump make final pitches to voters ahead of US election

joe biden knows this race is almost run now on the line whether his political career ends this week or if he is destined to become america’s 46th president the polls say victory is within reach his focus on the state of his birth pennsylvania will be decisive everybody knows who donald trump is but we’re about honor integrity dignity is the united states of america we gotta let them show who we are we choose we choose hope over fear we choose unity over division joe biden’s come

here to beaver county in pennsylvania because it is one of those places that was always reliably democrat but voted for donald trump in 2016. if he can flip a place like this it will tell a much bigger story about what’s happening in this election the mix of suburban voters those who sat out the last election and wavering trump supporters is his target across the

country you find most of them on jenny lin drive the dueling signs reveal a community like the country engaged as never before we’ve never been politically involved never put a yard sign on our property to me he will seek people out and he truly cares about them whereas president trump does not bob served in vietnam and was a democrat until trump came

along i’ve been through wars i’m a veteran i know when i see somebody i honestly believe in i’m putting all my trust in that person and i really have a lot of trust in trump he’s done everything that he said he’s going to do and that’s basically what the people of western pennsylvania they just feel that they can trust trump up the road ron speaks for many i just hope that it doesn’t come down to this like uh questioning the election you know is is did everything go right you know is somebody trying to you know sway the election by some some means and we shouldn’t be there we shouldn’t be at that

point we should be electing a president [Applause] [Music] it is the president who’s been talking up election chaos and legal challenges another sweep through multiple states took him to joe biden’s hometown of scranton pennsylvania make sure your governor doesn’t cheat okay if you’re good because they’re known for very bad things very very bad things here

can you imagine the pollsters saying you have to allow five percent in pennsylvania for cheating that’s a terrible thing to say of course everybody knows it’s true no but we have a lot of eyes watching they never had eyes watching we got a lot of very powerful eyes watching them and already more than 90 million americans have had their say record-breaking early voting a reflection of a pandemic but also intense interest and the future this country is about to choose greg milam sky news pennsylvania

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