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Biden addresses the nation as presidential race comes down to the wire

Biden addresses the nation as presidential race comes down to the wire

Your patience is commendable we knew this is gonna go wrong but we’re going to go into maybe tomorrow morning maybe no longer. Look we feel good about where we are. We believe we’re on track to win this election. We knew because of the unprecedented early in the mail in vote. Is gonna take a while. We’re gonna have to be patient until we the hard work and talent boats is finished. And then over july every vote is counted every ballot is counted. We’re feeling good about where we are. We believe one of the natchez suggested we’ve already one arizona were common about arizona

that’s a turnaround. We also just called a for minnesota. And we’re still in the game majority although that’s not what we expected. We’re very good about wisconsin and michigan. It’s gonna take time to get out of those we’re gonna win pennsylvania. Login philip allegheny county’s. And they’re really encouraged by the turnout of what they see look. You know we could know the results as early as tomorrow morning. But it may take a little longer as i’ve said all along. It’s not my place your donald trump’s places the player who’s won this election. That’s the decision of the american people. But

i’m optimistic about this outcome. I thank everyone of you came. In voters this election by the way chris jones in the democrat congratulations you’re in delaware. One hey john good to go yeah the hold team man you’ve done a great job i’m grateful to the poll workers are falling are canvassers everyone to participate in the democratic process i’m grateful to all my supporters cheered down all across the nation thank you thank you thank you folks you heard me say before every john walk out of my grandpa’s house up in scranton joe joey keep the faith. And my grandma measures live you’ll know joe we spread it can’t defend guys we’re gonna win this. Thank you thank you thank you. It is very.

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